First trailer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link

quare Enix has today released the official trailer, which should give you some idea of what to expect from the add-on pack, at least from a story perspective.

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Legionaire20052595d ago

Why can't somebody post the video link(underneath) from Youtube that don't have the foreign subtitles? Anyway, Human Revolution was a good game, but its not better than Deus Ex 1 or 2.It plays too much like Metal Gear, and Splinter Cell more than a Deus Ex game. For all those who Downplay Deus Ex: Invisible War(Deus Ex 2), well at least invisible war had more choices and side quests and the 4 endings didn't even involve four buttons to see a different ending(you can actually save before ending)!!! Invisible war you can still save before you choice the 4 endings, but you would have to still make an effort to get them. The 4 factions at the end made you feel tempted to choice which is the right path. You don't get that feeling in Human Revolution which is a hit and miss. Hopefully this DLC is not disappointing like the end.