TSA Review: Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus: HD Classics

It’s worth re-iterating for those that aren’t familiar with Team Ico’s games that both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were two of the most refined games on the PlayStation 2. Despite a slightly niche, cult following they make for a solid investment and still play just as well today as they did all those years ago – the mechanics, unlike the visuals, haven’t aged a bit.

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JoGam2688d ago

I have both originals and getting the collection day one. My wife use to watch me play SOTC all the time. That and Uncharted is the only games she cares about.

wenaldy2688d ago

I cant believe you got disagrees..

Ulf2688d ago

Yeah wow @ the disagrees.

The fanboy hate must be truly blinding, to not give these games the props they deserve.

Septic2688d ago

Deffo getting this. Never got to complete the original.

Why o why2688d ago

this last quarter is going to strain the ef out of my pocket and lead me to make questionable decisions

LiamIRL822688d ago

So looking forward to seeing these in HD. True classics.

HelghastKid2688d ago

Just ordered off of Amazon for $20. Never played either game so I can't wait.

Ares842688d ago

How did you get it for $20???

UltimateIdiot9112688d ago

Probably has credits. Hate when people say they got it for x amount but don't bother state if they used credit or got it through a deal.

HelghastKid2688d ago

Yea I got credit from buying Deus EX. Sorry if i made you mad Ultimate :c

UltimateIdiot9112688d ago

Nah, not your fault, I overreacted. I'm on CAG and SD forum a lot so there are always a few people who always say they got it at x price and saving x dollars but never state how.

In reality, they are not saving x dollars from credits. It's why credits are so hot with retailers these day. It creates this illusion that when you preorder a game let say for $60 with $20 credit, that you're really just paying $40 for the game. In their mind, it's like paying $40. Then when another game comes along that you want, a lot of people convince themselves that by using the credit, they are saving $20. People tend to forget about the fact that they paid $60 for the game because they have this impression, they bought it for $40.


antz11042688d ago

Pre-ordered and WINNING!

Kakihara2688d ago

It's happening, it's actually happening. It's finally coming out.

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