OXM UK: How Final Fantasy XIII-2 won us back

OXM UK: "A couple of months ago, I thought Final Fantasy XIII-2 was a baffling aberration, a weird mix of redundant thinking and dodgy experimentation held together by a basic misunderstanding of what people want in a game."

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dirigiblebill2600d ago

CHRONO TRIGGER WITH FFXIII VISUALS is what they're basically saying, and I LIKE IT ENORMOUSLY.

Peaceful_Jelly2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

If you think about it that was the only way to add towns, NPC's, exploration and other stuff that people wanted from the game. This is not "like Chrono Trigger" but a needed and forced plot device.

Infernostew2600d ago

I know some people like it but I wish they scrapped the battle system for something totally different. I haven't been keeping up with a lot of news from the game but the additions that I have heard of have all been good. Also, does anyone know if there is a true level up system or are we stuck with that same crappy one from 13?

Kee2600d ago

That was my main problem with XIII. I didn't mind the linear story, but the linear character progression sort of ruined the game for me.

Zeixama2600d ago

Well , when they see your avatar , I am sure they will start to fix all wrondgoings! of FFXIII immediately :P

Elda2600d ago

FF-XIII-2 looking absolutely gorgeous & anxiously interesting can't wait to play this as any anxious FF fan would!!!

Lirky2600d ago

ff xiii-2 looks nice , but it's a sequel in ff universe i've always liked how it was 1 stand-alone game from beginning,middle, and ending rather than adding a sequal.

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