PlanetSide 2 Free To Play, Beta This Year

Tom Halfield writes:Planetside 2 will be free to play, according to RockPaperShotgun, who have spotted an interview on Chinese website 17173 with John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment. Obviously the text is in Chinese so we’ve had to rely on a translation by MMOsite, who say that the exact free to play model has not been settled on, with Smedley mentioning several possibilities during the interview.

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ATi_Elite2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Not 12 not 24 not 32 not 64 not 256 but 2000!!! :)

I don't know if i want F2P with this title! I think $10 a month + a store would be cool. Some F2P shooters have way too many N0obs on them. Hopefully PS2 will be core enough to drive away the idiots.

2000 players........I have so much i wanna say but i'll just leave it at 2000 players on one Battlefield plus land and air vehicles cause that pretty much sums up the greatness of titles dedicated to utilizing the amazing features and abilities of the PC!

For those who do not know Planetside 2 is gonna be pure War 24/7/365. were not talking rounds or best 2 out of 3 but more like continuous non stop Planetary war where the objective is to control the whole planet inch by inch. Take a resource depot in the morning go to work come back home and the enemy may now control that same depot.

3 factions fighting one another for control of the JUMBO SUPER HUGE planet is awesome and NON-STOP action!! Also if you and your clan are really good then the whole server will know just how dominate you are by your prestige level which most likely will have the enemy hunting you specifically.

evrfighter2686d ago

well if i remember correctly planetside 1 was 330v330. It played really well in all honesty but there were some imbalances and exploits

Corax2686d ago

This game is rumored to be coming to PS3 and...PSVita? but 2,000 players! WOW if this comes to PS3 just wow

Letros2686d ago

Sony said recently it's a PC exclusive.

Letros2686d ago

Game looks pretty sweet, can't wait to fire it up on the rig.

malol2686d ago

it only does 2,000 players on one map at the same time

MidnytRain2686d ago

You know, "it only does" only works with "everything" because it's a paradoxical statement that makes a point. Saying "it only does 2,000 players on one map at the same time" makes it sound like that it does just that and is capable of nothing else.

But I'm probably just over-analyzing.

ATi_Elite2686d ago

I understand your point cause cause the PC does more than 2000 players. Eve Online is everybody on one server and i believe that game is 50K players at any given time and maybe more. To set numerical limits would be to minimize the greatness and flexibility that is the PC and would be put best if we said "The PC it only does the impossible" would be better stated!

But yeh now we're both over-analyzing it. lol

Jack_DangerousIy2686d ago

Geez Loise... That's a load of peoples.