Final Fantasy XIII-2 Q&A With Motomu Toriyama

With Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s release creeping closer and closer, Square Enix has shared an interview with Motomu Toriyama, the director of the game.

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no_more_heroes2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

I'm liking what I'm reading. Sounds promising.

Canary2598d ago

It does indeed.

Though I have to say I'm still very disappointed that A) Lightning isn't the protagonist this time around, and B) they're not really changing the "combat system" at all.

The whole time-travel element may make up for that, provided the narrative is told as well as the original game.

Also: does anyone even care any more how pathetic it is that Square Enix has managed to release a dozen or so games already that were first announced years AFTER Versus XIII?

MilkMan2598d ago

Man, Final Fantasy is deader than dirt. They need to give this series a rest. Like a 5 year hiatus. Then put this in the hands of some Japanese devs that have players some great Western RPG's and see what NEW thing they can do to revive this dead horse of a series.
Cause as it stands it keeps getting worse and worse.

Eamon2598d ago

Putting Final Fantasy into the hands of developers that are inspired by Western RPG is exactly the wrong way forward.

Instead, the devs in charge should be ones who were inspired by the JRPGS back in the 90s i.e. the golden age.

Hicken2598d ago

If the game me and my friends are working on was done, we'd take it to them. THIS thing is JRPG, inspired by the classics. Westerners can pull it off, they just have to be mindful of exactly what it is they're making. They DO NOT need to make it like Western RPGs.

Additionally, I don't believe the series is dead, despite all the naysayers.

kanetheking2598d ago

eamon you talk about cod being the same now you want rpgs to copy the 90s no.the devs should go with there ideas or we would have anything new with your thinking.

Eamon2598d ago

Did I say to copy the 90s? Learn to read. I said those who were inspired by the 90s. Why was the 90s called the golden era of JRPGs? Because all the legendary quality jrpg games were released then. Year after year new creative titles where becoming a major success.

However it's because JRPG games these days try to "westernize" their games after seeing western RPGs like Mass Effect, Oblivion, Fallout etc making huge sales. This led to the crap we see of today.

The 90s made JRPG its own unique genre in gaming. For you to try and spin my words to make it look like 90s aren't anything important shows you've hardly played any gem titles from those days.

Canary2598d ago

I remember at one point (after the "poor" receptions of XI and XII), Square Enix saying that they were going to change the direction of Final Fantasy. Instead of making a small number of big-budget games, they'd focus on making more, lower-budget games where they could take more risks, and get better returns on their investments.

I can't see that has happened.

I will say that, after last weeks news, I think Dragon Quest is "more" dead than Final Fantasy.