Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayanoka Arena debut trailer

Gematsu: "Atlus has released the debut trailer for their Arc System Works-developed Persona fighter, Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayanoka Arena."

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_Empath_2649d ago

Going to import the crap out of this game.

HelghastKid2649d ago

A fighter game that takes skill? not for me lol Hurry along with P5!

RufustheSage2649d ago

Thought it was only on Vita, so importing this.

SoulMisaki2649d ago

That would be Persona 4: The Golden, aka P4G.

This is Persona 4: The Ultimate, aka P4U.

RufustheSage2646d ago

Thanks for clearing that up, was confused when they first announced both.

Kyosuke_Sanada2649d ago

Looks great, Arc Systems one again brings the pain with another quality fighting game and this time with one of my fave RPGS. I really hope Hito Shura from SMT:Nocturne or Vincent Brooks from Catherine are unlockable characters in the game.

Now all I need to hear is those magic words from them to make 2012 perfect.....

GUILTY GEAR X3 Announcement!!!

jonboi242649d ago

Don't know when that will happen because when Sega acquired Sammy they also got the Guilty Gear IP. A new Guilty Gear fighting game is up to Sega not Arc System.

Kyosuke_Sanada2649d ago

I see, thanks for clearing that up. ^^


Baka-akaB2649d ago

Actually Arcsys now own the rights to Guilty Gears again .

In Japan, Arc System Works recently filed a trademark for Guilty Gear, which was published on the Japanese trademark database today. If Sega retained the rights to the series Arc System Works wouldn’t be allowed to trademark the title for video games and related categories. It seems Arc System Works reclaimed the rights to the Guilty Gear series by purchasing them from Sega

Still i wouldnt expect a guilty gear game anytime soon ... Not till their first Blazblue saga is at least done