Confirmed Gears of War 3 Character Roster (DLC not included)

A confirmed list of the full Gears of War 3 retail roster.

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omi25p2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Great character list. But i wish some of the Gorasnaya/Indies from Coalitions End were playable characters, especially Trescu.


Not the complete list, Your missing Bernie Mataki

gamingdroid2599d ago

I got to stop visiting in case there are spoilers.

omi25p2599d ago

There are no spoilers in what i said dont worry.

gamingdroid2599d ago

***Potential Spoiler for the books***
Well, the Gorasnaya/Indies I think are in the second book, Jacinto Remnants. It's unclear if they are being integrated into society, but your comment suggest it is not.

Neoninja2599d ago

Trescu would have been a great addition! I think Alex would be pretty cool too!

Brash_Attack2598d ago

Rod Fergusson Tweeted that they will be part of the first round of DLC.

YodaCracker2599d ago

This game is so packed full of content it's unbelievable. Definitely the biggest Gears game yet.

JeffGUNZ2599d ago

Absolutely man. We are less than two weeks to emergence day! Midnight release, give it to me!