The Games that Made Us Gamers: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

BnBGaming: "I knew instantly that this [Morrowind] was the game I wanted to play more than anything else in the world: I wanted to be there...

I’ve been a crusader, clearing caves and shrines of bandits and vampires; I’ve taken up the mantle of a master spellsword, combining destructive magic with blade; I’ve scouted every square inch with bow and arrow and lived off hunted game and wild fruits; I’ve sunk daggers into the backs of the good and the wicked as a noble and ignoble assassin; I’ve avenged, murdered, given, stolen, explored, settled, brought hope and wreaked havoc. In the world of Morrowind, I have existed in an entirely new realm.

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Pikajew2597d ago

I had a hard time playing it, found it boring. I found it the first town very slow and not really telling you what to do for quests. Does the game get faster after you pass the first city?

Mcardle2597d ago

The game plays at your own pace. At first can be daunting when your character is weak and has low running stats but before you know it your character will be a demigod.

TGM2597d ago

It's certainly true that things are "slow" at the start, but after some hours of play, things do really start to get more urgent and interesting. Morrowind's environments are too cool to miss out on! If you're not one for walking around the countryside, make sure to avail of all the fast travel services, like boats and silt striders.

Mcardle2597d ago

Hands down my favourite game of all time, probably the best RPG I have ever played as well.

Julie2597d ago

Mine too and Baldurs Gate SoA

TocTheYoungest2597d ago

Best game I've every played. And the article nails the reason why right on the head. It's because of how unprecedented the story and lore is. It's such an original world. An isolated imperial frontier with so much shit going on, the various guilds, the warring houses, the contrasts between the imperial cult and the tribunal, the imperial legion and the Sixth House. Oh, did I even mention the Dwemer? And the kwama mining, and the drugs trafficking, and the slave trade? You can literally see all the different cultures and how they co- exist together across Vvardenfell, whether it's in the architecture, or in the politics.

Oblivion is such a shallow game in comparison. Skyrim will more of the same. But hey, at least the graphics will look nice.....