Industry Analyst predicts GTA 5 is imminent

"Industry analyst Michael Pachter responded to the announcement of Max Payne release date, with Rockstar cracking the whip on the work for GTA 5.

Michael Pachter said: “Rockstar announces Max Payne 3 for March 2012 release. No specific date, but this means they can get back to work on GTA 5″

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DarkCharizard_2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

"Pachter... need I say more?"


@Widow - OMG I ttly forgot proper announcements FTW!!!!111ONE Pachter suxxx nd da proper announcementz rawkksssss!!!!1

Wido2650d ago

I wouldn't trust his so called 'predictions' on how far you throw him. Proper announcements for the win!

LOGICWINS2650d ago

You shouldn't be trusting anyones predictions...thats why there called "predictions". No guarantees that it will happen.

buddymagoo2650d ago

Another "Psychic reading" by Pachter. I thought humanity moved on from this?

sikbeta2650d ago

Wait for R* to announce it...

BulletToothtony2650d ago

he said it was gonna be on E3 2011 for sure! He swore by it..

That is how much we can trust this man.

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ATi_Elite2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

seriously who would of EVER EVER thought GTA5 was gonna be released soon. Not in a million years did one gamer fathom a new GTA would not only be made BUT released soon. Pachter is a genius for predicting the TOTALLY OBVIOUS!! Any Baby born two weeks from now could tell you GTA5 would be released in 2012!

....... October 9th 2012 is it's release date!!!!

Suck on that Pachter!!!

Vojkan2650d ago

i also predict GTA5, give me money!

ATi_Elite2650d ago

i predicted GTA5 when GTA3 came out..

oh wait i'm getting another it comes Red Dead Revenge and San Andreas 2!

see anybody can do Prachters job!

Sulman2650d ago

I don't understand how this is some kind of prophetic or visionary announcement. Any idiot could tell you that GTA 5 "was imminent". The game makes shi*loads of money, and a fair amount of time has passed since the last installment, of course a sequel is imminent (which is vague as it is). The entertainment industry found a way to make a sequel to TITANIC for gods sake....and we all know what the hell happened at the end there. If it makes a billion bet they are gonna find some way to milk more out of it. Completely useless article.

LOGICWINS2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Why the hate? All the man is doing is speaking his mind. It's no different from you verbally predicting that its going to rain...yet any idiot could clearly see whether it was going to rain or not by just looking at a black sky. Does that mean I should make fun of you?

Legion2650d ago

Yes, if you are a Weather Man and you say Rain is coming but don't specify a time or anything exact. Yep... ribbed till no end.

He is speaking his mind in the same way a fortune teller is speaking their mind when saying that you are going to meet a tall dark stranger. No [email protected], what are the odds?

chak_2650d ago

His face ALONE makes me mad, this guy has a talent to piss me off.

Chocoboh2650d ago

eh idk how I feel about GTA5..

GTA4 was as boring as watching paint dry. Not really all that fun as the one previous to it.

FunkMcnasty2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

I'll admit that GTA got away from it's roots with GTA 4's more serious darker tone and atmosphere, but I could not have said it was as bad as "watching paint dry."

I tend to enjoy the more realistic, brooding GTA that drove the template for all of Rockstar's 3rd person open-world games this generation. I thought it was a welcome change.

If you miss the old style GTA action, have you haver tried Saints Row? If you haven't I think it will deliver what you missed out on in GTA 4. Start with Saints Row 2.. it's an awesome game.

thesummerofgeorge2650d ago

For me, it wasn't the tone of IV that was the problem (in fact I like the more serious/realistic approach); it was the repetitive nature of it. Not enough creativity and variance, in as far as gameplay.

I hope they make the city more interactive and alive this time around. It gets boring just driving from point A to point B when everything in between is veritably empty space.

I'm always super excited for GTA games, have been since the original came out for PC; but bottom line: the game needs to evolve in some way to stay fresh. It's not enough just to have a big superficial sandbox anymore.

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