Saying goodbye to Gears: Cliff Bleszinski on Delta's last hurrah

OXM UK: "With the third and final outing of Marcus Fenix mere days from release, OXM pinned down proud parent Cliff Bleszinski for a teary-eyed retrospective."

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dirigiblebill2595d ago

Playing devil's advocate: how likely do you think it is that Epic will duck out of making games altogether at some point? They must earn a fair bit from the Unreal Engine license and their publishing biz.

DarkCharizard_2595d ago

I have a feeling this will be GotY.

CliffyB rocks as does his franchise Gears of War!

dirigiblebill2595d ago

He's a weird one. Obnoxious, touchy, but also charismatic as hell.

Jobesy2595d ago

Goty, not likely. I don't think it will be better than Skyrim, Deus Ex, Dark Souls, Uncharted 3, etc. Gears has never been known for a great story. It might be in contention for best shooter though.

JeffGUNZ2595d ago

I can see Skyrim being a contender, but Deus Ex is just laughable.

omi25p2595d ago

@jobsey You have obviously never read the books. The most recent one Coalitions end is brilliant and sets gears 3's story up perfectly

DragonKnight2595d ago

@omi25p: It's Game of the Year, not Book of the Year.

omi25p2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

@Dragonknight. No but if the book written about the lead up to gears 3 is brilliant and gears 3's story is written by the same writter doesnt that say gears 3 has a good chance of having a good story.

Pixel_Pusher2595d ago


Have you not seen UC3 yet? Resistance 3? Battlefield 3? They've got a lot of competition this year.

DragonKnight2594d ago

@omi25p: not necessarily. look at the whole books to movies deal. the movies almost always suck by comparison to the book. books have to tell the story in a far more engaging manner because they are non-interactive. video games can afford to cut back on that a bit and let the player flesh out the story in their own fashion. i'm don't know anything about Gears 3 because i couldn't care less about the franchise. i'm just saying that a book set in the universe of the game is not necessarily a good indicator of the story within the game.

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gamingdroid2595d ago

Epic needs to prove their engine by leading with game development. It keeps them in touch with game development, so I highly doubt an engine maker pushing boundaries like Epic will stop making games.

JsonHenry2595d ago

Yeah right, he is not gonna give up on this series. What else does the Angry Dwarf have going for him? (aside from his fame and money)

Chocoboh2595d ago

The Unreal engine makes more than any of their games do..

ATi_Elite2595d ago

yeah but you need a game to say "see this is what the Unreal engine can get you"

Unreal will continue to make games including Gears 4 which is gonna be multiplat!!

Bimkoblerutso2595d ago

I get the feeling that he's the kind of guy that wouldn't mind running a franchise deep, deep into the ground if it meant a bit more money, so I seriously doubt Gears is over with.

qwertyz2595d ago

he already said that there'll be gears 4 if gears 3 sells and MS already said there's plenty potential for more gears. They'll simply be a new trilogy just like the new halo trilogy but it may not involve delta squad

JeffGUNZ2595d ago

There will be a Gears spin-off, but this is it for delta squad. Funny how people complain about Cliff and him running Gears into the ground, but how many Metal Gears are we on? UC3 is releasing in a few months, correct? What about Halo and God of War? Christ, Gran Turismo has how many sequels?

Do all you people just look for any reason to post negative comments all day? I swear, a majority of you do this crap in like every comment section I read.

Bimkoblerutso2595d ago

^The classic logical fallacy here is that my hypocrisy disproves or weakens the argument. It also requires that you assume quite a bit about me without having the slightest inkling of what you're talking about.

Yes, sequelitis is a rampant, damaging problem in the gaming world. Yes, it is a problem that I bring up often given the appropriate forum, regardless of the franchise.

I still enjoy sequels, just to be clear. It just makes me sad to see how steeped in sequels the industry is.

Cpt_kitten2595d ago

wait i thought they said they already planned a gear 4.....can clffy just leave and let someone better run unreal i want a true unreal tournament its been to long and 3 was horrid

Farsendor12595d ago

why couldn't deus ex be goty contender it was one heck of a game heck im starting the campaign for the 2nd time,it has to be one of the best games i have played in a long time.

ATi_Elite2595d ago

1. Portal 2
2. The Witcher 2
3. Uncharted 3
4. Battlefield 3
5. Skyrim
6. Deus Ex

But if Guild Wars 2 comes out by November..... then 1 through 6 have NO CHANCE in HELL!!

Seriously all your favorite games will win several GOTY awards so who cares!! GOTY doesn't mean that much anymore cause too many publications hand it out. And if you asked Gamers to vote then that crap MW3 would win!!

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