Microsoft shares Tokyo Game Show lineup

Gematsu: "Microsoft’s announced the full list of games they’re bringing to the Tokyo Game Show."

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fluffydelusions2686d ago

I wish ms would just give up in jp and concentrate resources in territories that actually buy 360

qwertyz2686d ago

they don't invest much into japan they just don;t want to seem like they've accepted defeat even though they have. The only way 360 can sell in japan is if MS buys square enix or something which is probably not going to happen

FlashXIII2686d ago

Lol it's pathetic how many multiplatform games they've got listed there. I know the article says "like Sony" before people call people a sony fanboy but seriously, why do either need to host third party Japanese games? Let the damn devs do them themselves.

Miiikeyyy2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

What's even more pathetic is how Microsofts only exclusives are Gears, Forza and Halo. Don't people want diversity? They wonder why the Japanese don't buy their games, maybes if they had more diverse exclusives.

Daoshai2686d ago

what about all those kinect games? Those don't count as diverse?

kreate2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

in the land of the pretty, chibi, kawaii rpg ... MS decides to give japan halo and gears instead.

they dont even hav any pretty boys. instead u got the ugly ass fenix with overgrown steroided body figure. and master chief .....

ya .. i dont think japanese cares about characters like that.

it would be better if fenix lost his muscles and do a plastic surgery to look more prettier for the asian ladies. u know .. grow some longer hair.

and master chief should hold a giant sword and shoot arrows instead of the space guns.

the ultimate kawaii edition of gears just for the japanese. i guarantee it will outsell the standard gears in japan.

spirited2686d ago

forza and gears im surprised

kazuma562686d ago

I don't see Project draco, Codename D, Haunt or even steel battalion. I hope the lineup includes only playable games on the TGS.

ShaunCameron2686d ago

It's unfortunate that the only games on the list I'm checking for are:

Gears Of War 3
Onechanbara Z Kagura
Lollipop Chainsaw
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (if it's multiple disks, I'm getting a PS3)