REPORT- Wii U in “development hell”; controllers were “rushed” and “still don’t work properly”

A Nintendo insider has said that Nintendo rushed the Wii U Controllers’ final architecture, and that they “still don’t work properly”. The system, he says, is in “development hell.”

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ZoidsRaven3903d ago

Wii U June 2012 release date?

We'll see... 7_7

Gray-Fox-Type03903d ago

this is bad..what is happening to nintendo? they losing the plot. Wii U looks terrible 3DS is in big trouble.

Tanir3903d ago

yeaaaaah the 3ds is a fail right now since it was rushed also, now nintendo is doing it to the wii-u

i figured from the looks of the console, but such a close release date? wow. nintendo needs to fix the way they do things, i think they got in over their head with their wii success

ChickeyCantor3903d ago

Nintendo had no choice but to announce it since the rumors were pretty close to the real thing.

I hope it does work out for them, cause I love the duel screen setups.

nycredude3903d ago

I think Nintendo are just making the same misteps that Sony did when they launched the Ps3. They got carried away with the Wii success and thought that the fanbase would just lap up whatever they came out with next. The only company that can do that and get away with is is Apple.

I am sure they will work hard, just like SOny did, to right the ship, but it will cost them.

fatstarr3903d ago

believe everything 01net says. lmfao
no thank you.

3ds is in sales uproar
and the wiiu is in development.
they have a year to get it done with

everyone is so quick to say doom when nintendo does anything.

theonlylolking3903d ago


Nintendo is making way more bad moves then sony has ever done. The only problem sony had with the PS3 was the price. Nintendo has way more than price.

yabhero3903d ago

Wii U looks terribly awesome

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zerocrossing3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

It's still too early to call it, Nintendo is making some pretty big blunders lately, but if they have any competence left in them they will make the Wii U work, after all it's their next gen home console, can they afford not to get this right?.

tiffac0083903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Your too harsh on the Big N my friend (j/k). Do not forget the old saying.

"In Nintendo we trust"

Okay pretty much everyone uses that but it just sounded so right for the moment. lol! XD

But seriously its too early to tell. This is the Big N we are talking about they've been in far worse situations and they've always finds a way to come back.

zerocrossing3903d ago


Lol! xD well I really do want to trust in Nintendo, but they've shot themselves in the foot so may times Im surprised they have a leg to stand on ;p

But yeah agreed, Nintendo have faced much worse :)

Pikajew3903d ago

They probably wanted to show it at E3

PirateThom3903d ago

It's like Nintendo just don't care anymore. HERE'S THIS NEW CONSOLE, IT'S AMAZING! IT HAS ALL THESE GAMES! It doesn't work properly and developers are getting nowhere.

Here comes the Nintendo train wreck.

Shubhankar3903d ago

Wait until after the console is released, at least. :-/

bitboi3903d ago

your saying all that based on info from a "nintendo insider" ?...interesting

king dong3903d ago

lol but if this was a sony insider saying that something from sony was in development hell, pirate thom would be on the attack, and claiming it was from an xbox fanboy.

MAJ0R3903d ago

eh but you still have to admit it was rushed, Nintendo was undoubtedly feeling intimidated by the Kinect

sikbeta3903d ago

Not kinect, the fact that they have absolutely nothing from third parties more than shovelware, the previous gen PS2 was selling millions while being the less powerful console in that time (aside of the DreamCast) but that never stop Third Parties to release their games for the console, with the wii is the opposite, it's the best selling console this gen, but they can't get enough third party support as the HD consoles, all the major releases are in the HD consoles with the exception of lame COD ports or sport games that still being released for the PS2 as-well (lol) it's the same every gen with Nintendo, they cannot get Real third party support for years now...

WhiteLightning3903d ago

I thought it was more like


Happy Gaming...

.......pssst we also have third party studios now"

ZoidsRaven3903d ago

"It's like Nintendo just don't care anymore. HERE'S THIS NEW CONSOLE, IT'S AMAZING! IT HAS ALL THESE GAMES! It doesn't work properly and developers are getting nowhere."

No one can prove what this "nintendo insider" said is true..
It would have helped to click the link before jumping the gun like an idiot Thom...... It doesn't look good.
But here is the good news...
I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico. 7_7

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slavish3903d ago

Most new tech has alot of problem out of the gate

jacksheen00003903d ago

Yeah,In some sense, I would agree that most new tech has a lot of problem out of the gate.

The thing is,I respect Nintendo for taking risk. But Nintendo need to do their homework before they incorporate a technology in their systems.

chrisgay3903d ago

Yeah, good idea, maybe you should go tell Nintendo to research the technology they're incorporating into their new console. I bet they never thought to do that. That's some really valuable thinking right there and you say Nintendo take risks? You sir are the pinnacle of innovative thinking- this is what Nintendo have been missing all along. Problem solved!

WiIIiam3903d ago

I really wish they would go software only, like Sega. Except they'd have some great games.

Shubhankar3903d ago

No, the handheld market survives because of Nintendo. I wouldn't mind MUCH if they leave the console market, but they should keep making handhelds at any cost.

cervantes993903d ago

I agree that Nintendo needs to stay in the handheld market, but releasing Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong Country, etc. for the 360/PS3 or 720/PS4 would be gaming nirvana and I believe would help stabilize the industry a bit.

WiIIiam3903d ago

Yeah, you're right. I forgot all about the handhelds. But hopefully the Vita will deliver on its potential and rejuvenate an admittedly stagnant market.

Shubhankar3903d ago


Agreed, but Nintendo has asserted the fact that they will NEVER go third party several times. They've said that if they go out of the market, so do their games. Pity, really... What would I not give to play Zelda on my Xbox... sigh... :P

xX_Altair_Xx3903d ago

@ Shubhankar

" They've said that if they go out of the market, so do their games."

If Nintendo were ever at risk of going down someone would very quickly snap them up. But I doubt they'll ever go bust.

colonel1793903d ago

I would prefer if Nintendo release a console as powerful as Sony's an MS so we can have a Zelda game as we would play it in a Ps3 and/or 360.

What happened is that Nintendo is focusing too much on the gameplay aspect, but everything has to go together. It is very important to have great gameplay experiences, but they also need technology. What is the purpose of releasing a console every 5-7 years if it is going to have the same tech?

Nintendo need to up their game in every aspect, not just gameplay.

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LoaMcLoa3903d ago

Why do people want Nintendo go software only?

Really, they are the only ones who try to innovate in their console-development.
They were also the saviors of the whole gaming-market!

Seriously, give them atleast respect.

Soplox3903d ago

That innovation is what is killing them

ronin4life3903d ago

The lack of innovation is also killing the entire industry.
Sony and Microsoft have basically been sharing all the third party games, while all the games on consoles are just slight upgrades of games and genres from last gen with better graphics.
The stagnation of gaming will only get worse unless someone does something, and the truth is that Sony and Microsoft are more interested in killing everyone else off than trying to keep the industry as a whole healthy.
Also, if Nintendo ever did go software only, you would see alot of their franchises die. If they came to be in that state, do you really think they would be a healthy enough company to do anything other than Mario?
If you think Nintendo games are awesome, buy a Nintendo console. You get games, the industry gets more variety and revenue, and it grows bigger and stronger. Simple as that.

Gray-Fox-Type03903d ago

Nintendo are legends who paved the way for gaming, who are you freaking noob? Probably doesn't know nintendos history ignorant gamer.

WiIIiam3903d ago

Nintendo paved the way, shaped history, blah blah blah... So did the British Empire, Nazi Germany, and Imperial Japan. Where are they now, I wonder?

ronin4life3903d ago

William, while the governments changed, the countries are still around....
Also, Nintendo isn't geonocidal or imperialistic. In fact, out of the big companies, they are the least so...

swice3903d ago

@ above

However...I read somewhere that Nintendo has the absolute worst waste management of any gaming company when it comes to discarded electronics.