Modern Warfare 3: Rob Bowling Interview

NowGamer sits down with Rob Bowling at Call of Duty: XP to discuss the finer points of Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer.

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artdafoo2650d ago

Blah, blah we've really balanced the MP, added a lot of cool features, blah, blah more killstreaks, deathstreaks. whoa that was close one streaks. Cut to three months after release.

" We are aware of the many glitches and hacks in MW3 MP and are sure with this 5th patch that all these problems will be solved.

SKUD2650d ago

Very interesting way on how they blew smoke up each others butts. Well done.

EVILDEAD3602650d ago

LMFAO @ Artdafoo joining N4G with the only ONE purpose..Troll MW3 and advertise for BF3..

Don't believe me..look at his history..

Wow..this may be the closest thing I've seen to a DICE plant in history..because if you arent then you should apply for the job


Someonerandom2650d ago

He fails, just as much as Mr. Kotick does.