Killzone 3 Multiplayer for Begginers (PT-PT )

This is a Video Review of Killzone 3 Multiplayer. Were doing this video for those who never played or think its not worth of their time.

Note: Portuguese Audio.


"BEGINNERS" Not so great mistake =)Sorry

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moodgamer2597d ago

Sorry , and thanks for the warning. ! Beginners Mistake xDDD

Septic2597d ago

Not a problem mate :) Happy to help.

SLEDGE2597d ago

I have no idea what's going on ._.

Rezka2597d ago

you still spelled beginners wrong even though you updated

striped942597d ago

beginners * still got it wrong even after someone spelled it out for him idiot..

moodgamer2597d ago

AHAHA OMG , i need to sleep !! SORRY SORRY

Dacapn2597d ago

There's no help for this game. After almost 6 months of playing the multiplayer, it's just not good.

Let rephrase: there are good elements that when combined make for a terrible multiplayer.

-The class system really good, but the marksman is clearly the best class. The 1.12 patch was a step in the right direction and it did exactly what I wanted to the marksman in making the scrambler ability an active ability, but the class is still overpowered.

-Tactical Spawn points is a great replacement for spawn grenades, but unfortunately, it also made spawn camping a hell of a lot easier. So easy to the point that spawn camping what you do in warzone if you want to win. It's stupid because that is really the way to guarantee a win, and once you've spawn camped a team, there's no way out. You're f***ed.

-Delayed death animation plagued the game in KZ2 and it just needs to stop. When I kill someone, they shouldn't have an extra second or two( or sometimes 10 sec!) to run up and melee you or something weird like that. I dunno if it's a server thing, but damn it ruins the game.

There are some fixes that could be made to make the multiplayer the best thing ever, but the way the game has been designed, I don't think they can be implemented to save the game. Maybe for KZ4 if they make it.

moodgamer2597d ago

I really enjoy this game. And im still playing it. I really understand everything that need's to me fixed, and why KZ2 fans hate this last Killzone. But its still a fun game , and Guerrilla Games are doing a great job supporting KZ3. Thanks for your great comment.

silvacrest2597d ago

your wall of text is just personal opinion, many think this is a great balanced etc game

Dacapn2597d ago

Well then many are wrong, or many haven't played the game.

I'll break down one aspect real simple for you: the marksman.

So the marksman and the infiltrator can use the same weapon, the helghast assault rifle, except the infiltrator uses one that is silenced and fires in bursts, but in a game, what does silenced mean? It means when you fire, you won't appear on the radar.

Here's where the imbalance kicks in. The marksman have the scrambler ability which makes it so when they fire a weapon, they don't appear on the radar. Their version of that same rifle is fully automatic. Basically, they have a fully automatic silenced version of the infiltrator's rifle.


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