USA Retail Preview for August 2011


3DS - 268,000
X360 - 264,000
PS3 - 196,000
DS - 184,000
Wii - 181,000
PSP - 50,000
PS2 - 16,000

TOP USA Games of August 2011:

1: (X360) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 213,975
NR: (Wii) Mario Kart Wii - 159,056
2: (Wii) Just Dance 2 - 140,485
3: (PS3) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 115,152
4: (Wii) Wii Sports Resort - 101,613
5: (Wii) Zumba Fitness - 98,248
6: (X360) NCAA Football 12 - 94,093
7: (X360) Call of Duty: Black Ops - 85,826
8: (Wii) Wii Sports - 83,348
9: (3DS) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina o... - 77,040
NR: (X360) Kinect Adventures - 76,848
10: (DS) Pokemon Black / White - 74,392

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TOO PAWNED2600d ago

well there is always next year and next price can hope.
Let's just come out clear and admit that MS won in USA and that's how it is.

fluffydelusions2600d ago

Still don't know why people make such a big deal of it. Play whatever you want and be happy.

DarkCharizard_2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

That is completely against the ethics of this website. Here we make a big deal of even the smallest console war related stories. We also can't be happy with what we play or what we have, we want others to have the same experiences too.. and if they don't.. god save them frm da fanbwoyz! Nobody has any respect for others, we just wanna prove our point while insulting our opposers. We have comment wars, pm wars, flame wars, cold wars... we scratch and claw and bitch and scream... We worship our god SONY punctually and burn the Devil's Creation XBAWKS 360z everyday(Why else is it selling so well?)... Our kids play Wii... Our wives are gamers, but the only place for them is the kitchen... We are the most mature 12 year olds in the world, no less than the industry's greatest video game designers... because this is what we do best and this is what we are known for.

"Internet trolling, the next olympic sport!"

Right? :P

handheldwars22600d ago

^ The truth well spoken! You almost brought a tear to my eye, darkcharizard.

But you forgot the thing that applies to you the most... MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS! :D xD :P

Godmars2902600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Logically it has to do with support. Back in the day when Xbox1 totaled 23m, the PS2 100m worldwide, of course it made sense to often wholly ignore the former.

Today with only a 3-4m gap between the PS3 and 360 it makes less sense, but then again the 360 commands a more noticeable lead in the #1 world market for games.

Tell me how I'm wrong. How the focus on numbers, and high production values, has had a negative effect on the quality of games this gen.

sack_boi2600d ago

There's no way X360 outsold the PS3 last month; people are forgetting that the PS3 just had a price drop.

PCE2600d ago

It's hilarious when PS3 outsells Xbox360 "the PS3 will win! close the gap!" but when the PS3 suffers "Sales =/= quality"

The fickle minded nature of "true gamers" is what this console war will be remembered for.

gamingdroid2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

These are vgchartz numbers so isn't likely to be as accurate as NPD.

That said, I'm expecting the PS3 to have a major sales bump due to the price cut and be very close if not overtake the Xbox 360 sales in the US for August. The "feature value" ratio is so much in favor of the PS3 now it is ridiculous not to.

That said, as Godmars290 said, at this stage none of the console makers need market share. The support is essentially guaranteed for the two HD consoles.

I think the suggested slower console sales on an annual basis is due to prices still be too high for what is perceived as ancient hardware.

sikbeta2600d ago


You could say that IF the *wii* never excisted in first place :P


Price drop became real in half August, there is no complete month to make a "proper analysis"


That's more when it comes to games, the console quality is there whether it sells more or not

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kingdoms2600d ago

Wii software killing it. One 3rd of people buying the 360 are buying kinect that's pretty darn good.

fluffydelusions2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Yeah kinect sold nearly 80k..not bad considering most of n4g will have you believe it stopped selling after Xmas and here it is pushing those numbers in the crappiest month of gaming.

KingSlayer2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

MS sure has been quiet on Kinect's numbers. When released, we had weekly "ZOMG WE ARE SELLING MILLIONS!". Now...crickets.

EasilyTheBest2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

I wonder how many times it will be pointed out that this is the US and NOT the world?

Despite the title reading, - USA Retail Preview for August 2011!


This is VGcharts!

Theyll be along soon im sure.

will_c_752600d ago

I think Sony would rather lose in US than the rest of the world, because of the exchange rate

PCE2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

who cares about sales? sales dont mean quality! ps3 psp and ps2 are winning!!!!!1

Remember the resident "true gamer" mentality?

KonaBro2600d ago

Are we seriously taking what VGChartz says as gospel now? I'll wait for the actual NPD report, thank you very much. :P

ozstar2600d ago

I think the more people Neogaf bans, the less people there are to believe that whole story.

tarbis2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

lol basing from vgchartz, one of the biggest xbot site in the net. You get banned for trashing xbox but never for ps3.
They always over track Xbox while undertrack PS3. Figures.

Treyb3yond2600d ago

Uhhh.... I guess americans don't like exclusives?

Jocosta2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

So we are to automatically assume that all those exclusives are great? That they appeal to everyone? I could say something stupid like "I guess all Europeans like is Fifa and racing simulators".

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