Why Monster Hunter 3G is perfectly playable without a second Circle Pad

"Nintendo’s grotesque Circle Pad add-on was always optional for Monster Hunter Tri/3G, and it seems the touchscreen could be the saviour for those who wish to play without it."

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Blues Cowboy3309d ago

I couldn't care less so long as it features lock-on and targeting mechanics!

AWBrawler3309d ago

MH is not about lock on. That would be dumbing it down. its supposed to be a realistic representation of fighting those things.

disgaeapuchi3309d ago

Agreed, this is probably why the team has made the lock-on one where only the camera locks-on to the monster (as it should do), not your hunter (unlike it would on Zelda).

disgaeapuchi3309d ago

Isn't that the reason as to why it's playable without a second Circle Pad though?

Agent Smith3308d ago

I remember playing MH on PSP with only one analog stick. We all know Capcom's trying to make money off this attachment.

mshope103309d ago

i bet nobody even reads this article!so they can keep saying 3ds needs the slide pad expansion to play monster hunter 3g.and even though the game is an upgraded version of a already great game[i have over 100 hours the one on wii]with new monsters,characters,and places to see.they will hate on it everyday on this site because they will pretend you need that accessory to play.when really you can play the way it was on psp or control the camera with the touchscreen which works great for resident evil and still when your at home use the second slide pad option!

but everyone will pretend those options don't exist and hate all the time!

now it's disagree time!!!!!

maniacmayhem3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Unfortunately you're right. But no one will even click on this article. If it had Vita or some other sony relation then you would see activity.

But yea, from now on on the N4G site the 3DS will always need the add on to play any game.

Ulf3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Camera control on the 2nd stick is HUGE. It was on the Wii for MH3, and it will be for the 3DS and Vita.

You don't need a 2nd stick for Monster Hunter, no... but man is it nice. You guys should actually PLAY some MH3 on the Wii before yammering on about how non-essential the second stick is, and how its not a big deal if you don't have the 2nd stick.

It IS a big deal. Seriously, if you don't know how important camera control is in MH, you can't possibly be a big enough MH fan to justify your blathering. Camera lock-on is a LAME solution, that takes a huge amount of skill out of the game. Sounds like easy-mode, to me.

disgaeapuchi3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Indeed it is, I've played 160 hours of Tri with the second analogue stick (on the bundled Classic Controller Pro), but it's really no substitute for good camera design - Monster Hunter's camera is 100% manual with smacks of laziness in my eyes (though I know it's probably meant to be the point).

Having a camera that tracks the enemy does not remove any meaningful "skill" required in the game (in my eyes), as you still have complete control over your Hunter in the lock-on solution, unlike Zelda where that makes Link always face the enemy. I know it's one thing less to do but controlling the camera never led to any deaths for me in Monster Hunter, it was just a mere inconvenience that I had to keep using the second analogue stick all the time, especially when auto cameras have been around for yonks now.

That being said, I'll still prefer playing the game by manually controlling the camera (I barely used the L button in Tri, for example), because more control over anything in-game is a good thing.

BadgerDeluxe3308d ago

Man, just heard about the Monster Hunter Tri G announcement this morning. I'm not trying to be a troll here, but to be honest, this is the ONLY announcement that appeals to me for the 3DS, but I'm not gonna run out and buy a 3DS and that ridiculous looking second analog attachment. I'll wait til a Monster Hunter gets revealed for the Vita.

And if Capcom doesn't reveal a new Monster Hunter for the Vita... what the heck are they thinking?

mshope103308d ago

thats funny badgerdeluxe i think uncharted is the only game on vita that looks good but i would never get one.but hey im not trolling right?!

BadgerDeluxe3308d ago

Well I can't tell if you are, but that wouldn't be bad if that was your honest opinion :D Seriously, different things appeal to different people. If you like the 3DS games better than the Vita, more power to ya, my man.

I'm just saying personally, I can't really get behind the 3DS games or the hardware myself. I'm not some raging Sony fanboy, I owned the DS Lite and it was my favorite handheld system to date, I owned a ton of games for it. I just have yet to be convinced on the 3DS.

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