Have consoles peaked this generation?

The console business as we know it has peaked this generation and will, from this point on, decline.

That was the eye-opening declaration made by video game research outfit DFC Intelligence this week. "We feel overall [the dedicated consoles business] has peaked with the current console systems," wrote DFC president David Cole, summarising a new 165-page report on the games business. (To read the entire work means ordering a package of DFC reports - the cost of which starts at $3495.)

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Hufandpuf2649d ago

Anybody wanting ps4 or Xbox whatever, give this a read; it may change your mind about when the next gen is coming, and more importantly what will it be on.

Corax2649d ago

I dont need to read it i can tell you consoles still have life. And those who say we need new consoles/systems I've been hearing are mostly pc players witch is funny being that they are PC PLAYERS and wouldn't be buying a PS4 or 720 even if it is released. Some pc players do buy consoles and have both but in my mind there are some great games coming out I'm waiting to play even though I'm eagerly waiting for PS4 unless it has BF3 already in development, ready to ship out the same date as the PS4 I'm not really ready for the PS4 just yet. unless the article says it still has life then that's something I've stated

Army_of_Darkness2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

why do they complain if they supposingly have the better gaming platform?! if they wanna play the "holding us back blame game" don't blame Sony, blame MS! it's they're policy thats screwing you pc boys over as well as PS3 gamers!

If the PC version of a multiplat looks better, I could careless cause it's obvious just as long as my PS3 version looks as good as it can get on a console, I have no complaints.

Hufandpuf2649d ago

Since you TOTALLY misunderstood my comment, and you DIDN'T Read the article. It said that there is no need for new consoles right now and that there may not even be an announcement about them next year. we don't need new consoles because if they were announced, what would they bring new to the industry? At best the graphics would be improved but would that warrant the expensive price tag they would charge because of the mooney they spent to make it? I can easily tell that we won't be seeing any new consoles from Ms or Sony in the next few years. When next gen consoles do come however, it won't be in the form we are used to.

ATi_Elite2649d ago

Who knows? but what i do know is that the Xbox 720 is coming in 2012! M$ is looking to walk into E3 2012 and drop a couple Megaton Bombs.

1. Windows 8
2. xbox 720
3 Xbox 360 on PC

M$ wants another head start on Sony

DaTruth2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Maybe for one console, since you can get any of its games on other consoles or on PC with better graphics. Next gen won't be the same. Somehow people this gen got it in their heads that an XBOX is the same as a Playstation, just at a lower price!

Now they have learned that you can only get Playstation games on a Playstation and you can get XBOX games on just about anything else, with better graphics on PC!

PC has the same games with better graphics and PC exclusives! Playstation has the same games and hundreds of more Playstation games! It just makes no sense to buy an XBOX; this is not an industry you can go half into anymore.

With MS's shareholders all crying for the end of the XBOX division, MS killing all their studios and the XBOX only looking good because advertising is a separate division, I doubt we'll see another XBOX! Kinect was a last ditch effort to appeal to the casuals before throwing in the hat!

That's why you here no talk of a new XBOX, while Sony's conversations are about "when" the PS4 will arrive!


jacen1002649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

very very interesting read , i agree with pc's gettin all the games looking superb why would developers spend millions to make the same games on consoles which would make the software cost more, then u have to think what stupud silly prices MS and SONY will be looking for there super powerfull consoles which still will be no match for pc's, pc could be the final gen of gaming, i think what is needed is upgraded current ps3 and 360 something like what the wiiU will be in terms of console next gen i think nintendo has got it right if they can knock this thing out at a good price with some 3rd party titles they will shift units

Inzo2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

That doesn't make sense, first of all games on consoles still look breath taking, Resistance is a good example, and that is not even Sony's best looking title, secondly, on average console multiplats outsell the PC versions 3:1 (in the case of MW3 it will be 100:1)sales will always win. I dont understand this, its almost like PC gamers dont care about gameplay, its all about graphics, not once have I read on this site about how a PC gamer praises the gameplay of a game, all I see is how they keep on spewing out specs and how great the graphics are. PC gamers are not hardcore gamers, they are graphic whores, nothing more.

aquamala2649d ago

Right, ps3 and 360 fanboys fight over TINY graphical differences in their consoles, but pc gamers can't talk about how outdated current consoles graphics look?

If graphics are not important to you, you sound like a casual gamer, go play on a wii then

jacen1002648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

consoles are for casuals pc's are for hardcore and u made my point exzactly games still look breath taking on consoles why would sony want to put out another console and have developers redevelop games when the ps3 is selling the most it ever has , it would be bad business on sonys part they wanted 10 years from the ps3 to justify the £450 price tag ps4 2016 anyone?, and u have it the the wrong way around aswell its console owners who talk about the slightest graphical difference not pc owners because pc'dont have slight graphical differences pc's have massive graphical differences because the hardware is so widespread and another thing we already know pc have the best gameplay because pc's use the proper style of control when it comes to fps games which is keyboard and mouse i own all consoles and there is no way i would buy any fps games for them that is what my pc is for because the gameplay is much better

xtreampro2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

"To read the entire work means ordering a package of DFC reports - the cost of which starts at $3495."

Seems like a reasonable price.

Mrmagnumman3572649d ago

Well, killzone 3 looked way better then killzone 2, and uncharted 3 looks far better then UC2, So NO

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