Max Payne 3 Coming March 2012

Rockstar Games: Today, we're proud to announce that Max Payne 3 - the new dark, gritty action experience that continues the tale of former New York City detective Max Payne and is sure to satisfy both newcomers and veterans to the historic franchise alike - is expected to launch on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in March 2012 in North America and Europe.

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Jamzluminati2692d ago

I'd be proud to announce that you all need to announce the new Vice City.

BattleTorn2691d ago

VGAs my friend, we all can only hope

Blaze9292691d ago

So, what's the REAL date? You know, after the March 2012 delay

just_looken2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

are you fn serious i was about to post this 12 min old and i was late lol anyhow lets hope its good as the first 2 and not another rstar f up like so far this gen. Bring back your a game rockstar.

@below rdr started development in the ps2 era and as you can tell by the map was rushed and chopped up. The game had loads of glitch's/issues and bad mp (auto aim/more glitches like hiding in a house). If you think that was a amazing sandbox game never touch gta sa or even mercenaries 1 or you will have a heart attack. Heck just recently i got manhunt 1 on xbox the original banned version now that is a classic. Rstar made nothing but aaa games last 2 gens this gen has been average at best.

Apocwhen2692d ago

Huh? I thought RDR was one of the best sandbox games I've played in a long time. Definitely not cosidered an f-up.

Pintheshadows2692d ago

I'm confused as well. RDR was fantastic.

Dovahkiin2692d ago

You're delusional, RDR's map was one of the best designed this gen. Also that was horribly written.

Dovahkiin2692d ago

What makes you say that? /s

MaxOpower2691d ago

Maybe a month, or two. but not much more. So far this gen Rockstar has been pretty consistent with it's "early year" releases. GTA, RDR, LA:N.

JellyJelly2692d ago

I think it looks delicious. The added multiplayer modes sound promising as well.

Septic2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Yeah it does indeed. Lets hope we get a similar, mature storyline. Just no depressing 'follow the dead baby's blood trail' level please.

Septic2692d ago

So guys want a follow the dead baby's blood trail level?


memots2692d ago

Meh .. I think i will not get my hopes to high on that one.

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The story is too old to be commented.