Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Story Mode Trailer

Saiyan Island: "Namco Bandai Games Europe has released a brand new trailer that highlights story mode in Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi! The trailers shows some of the major fights in the Saiyan, Frieza, and Cell saga. Alongside beautiful 3D graphics, it looks like the game will be featuring anime-style cutscenes!"

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rabidpancakeburglar2599d ago

This video sort of makes me want to watch the anime again but I've already seen it like 3 or 4 times and don't have the time, damn teasing trailer.

Army_of_Darkness2598d ago

That I was actually excited for a dragonball Z game!
This one looks awesome! create your own dragonball character! story mode, woo whoo! sweet as a mars bar!

Tokyo_reject2599d ago

God if i had the money i dont care how much it would pay the creators of DBZ to remake the animation like they did for this game lol!!! Gah Time to start over from the begining AGAIN...time number 5 i think lol

Michael-Jackson2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

This is what Kai should have been, a good idea wasted.

This game looks good but the gameplay is questionable.

grailly2599d ago


did they remaster the anime? the anime parts looked awesome. I always feel nostalgic for dbz, made me want to read the manga again.

Is there any good game on de dragon ball story arc? I always preferred goku as a kid.

Tokyo_reject2598d ago

eh it looks like they remastered selected parts...but as for the anime no....they did Kai but no remastering sadly.

And as for Dragonball, none really...they made Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo for the Wii which you'll only really like if your a fan lol

DrRichtofen2598d ago

I hope the Buu saga is in there as well. The trailer didn't show any of it D:

Tokyo_reject2598d ago

mmmmmmm they might leave it out, originality akira toriyama was going to end DBZ at the Cell saga....but he was forced to make the Buu Saga so he might want to do things the right way and end it at the Cell Saga this time haha

DrRichtofen2598d ago

Yeah maybe, they left out the Buu saga in Burst Limit and even though Akira was originally going to end after the Cell saga, he did stick around and worked on the Buu saga, which will always be apart of DBZ imo. Its the main reason why Burst Limit felt soo incomplete to many. LOL and besides I wanna kick some arse as SSJ3 Gotenks!