When a Japanese Gamer Girl Speaks Her Mind

Haruna Anno is a retro gaming idol—the young girl who loves old games. She also speaks her mind, and that's not always good for an idol.

When Dragon Quest X was revealed yesterday, some gamers were excited. Many, when they learned about the required online and subscription fees, groaned. Like many people, Anno took to Twitter to voice her opinion.

However, as soon as she posted these comments, Japanese netizens started spelling her doom. "This kid is finished," wrote one.

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StifflerK2649d ago

It's good that she did, it's her opinion , no one has the right to take it away from her.

ChickeyCantor2648d ago

This reminds me of that japanese girl who wanted to date and all the fanboys went berserk.

jsslifelike2648d ago

The "Gamer Girl" article angle is starting to get a bit tiresome, but sweaty nerds have to fap over something.

silvacrest2648d ago

that's BS, internet porn has not died yet

FlashXIII2648d ago

Tbh if the Naruto anime production team can get away with these god awful fillers without a huge backlash, I'm sure this idol can get away with voicing their opinion on a game.

lizard812882648d ago

Nothing like almost 100 episodes of filler.