GameSpot gives 3.5/10 to Wii's Bleach: Shattered Blade

Bleach whitens, so it's a good title for a manga about ethereal ninjas who cleanse evil spirits. It's also toxic, making it an apt name for a game you should avoid at all costs, which, in this case, is Bleach: Shattered Blade. Based on the anime adaptation of the aforementioned manga, Shattered Blade is a dim-witted 3D fighting game that squanders its source with idiot controls, chintzy production values, long loading times, and a lame plot. This is not even a good game for rabid fans, as they are the ones most likely to be offended by Polygon Magic's horrible whitewashing of their favorite fantasy.

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DeckUKold4922d ago

trust me i have the game thanks MKred for the tips now can u hook me up with some of th bubbles u have plzzzzzzzzzzz

Prismo_Fillusion4922d ago

The first step to gaining bubbles is correct grammar and spelling.

Rooftrellen4921d ago

It's not a great game, but its close.

Had they made the characters a little more different, it could have been a really GOOD game. All of the characters playing more or less the same makes it less fun, much less fun, but still decent.

I'd have only given it about a 5, becausse its decent, but, without friends around, pretty forgetable.

ActionBastard4921d ago

Are all the good Wii games 1st party Nintendo games?

Prismo_Fillusion4921d ago

Zack & Wiki is the second best Wii game in my opinion, and it's 3rd party.

But if you'd like to go by Metacritic...
2 of the top 5 rated Wii games are 3rd party.
4 out of the top 8 are 3rd party.
7 of the top 12 are 3rd party.

MK_Red4921d ago

Completely agreed Prismo_Fillusion.
After SMG, Zack & Wiki is the best Wii game and certainly one of the best titles of 2007. Hope more people buy and enjoy it.

bootsielon4921d ago

That is new IP and has about 40 hours of gameplay or so?

DeckUKold4921d ago

And I know if your lying by which game you say I also allow you to pick known IPs

BrotherNick4921d ago

How long is that game going to keep you immersed, 3 days? a 40 hour game keeps me interested for a month lol...

blynx1824921d ago

Most anime games out there suck. The only good ones are Jump Superstars and the DBZ games.