You Paid For It, But It's Not Yours

Nathan Grayson at MaximumPC looks at who is in control of our in-game content.

One of gaming's more recent gee-whiz-it's-probably-mag ic trends comes with a pretty thick string attached: your saves, your character, your mountain of collectable doodads for that precious achievement – all of them are imprisoned inside a server on a desert island or in space or something. You're playing a high-stakes game of rental roulette, and everything you've worked so hard to build could go poof in the blink of an eye. What trend am I referring to? Did you say, “cloud gaming”? Private Obvious, I'm sure your Captain is beaming with pride right now. However, while your answer's technically correct, I'm talking about MMOs.

It's interesting, too, because gamers have been largely a-okay with this aspect of MMOs for years – at least, so long as their game of choice hasn't met an untimely end. But should we be? After all, cloud gaming's certainly risky in that we don't physically own our games, but...

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bunfighterii2597d ago

You pay for the license to use it, you don't own any of the software you purchase. How is this new to anyone?