Call of Duty Elite gets rid of flame wars - Activision

Love Call of Duty but fed up of the immaturity seen on Xbox Live or various gaming forums around the web? Well, according to Activision, Call of Duty Elite will get rid of this hostility.

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WolfLeBlack2651d ago

I'd like nothing more than COD community cease it's hate for....well, everything. :D

Fishy Fingers2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Makes sense, all the users have a common interest and are all paying to use the same service. Basically, it stops the "haters" or "real gamers" as they like to see it, from contributing the usual whining/complaining and people can just get on with what they want/enjoy.

BrutallyBlunt2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I disagree. When XBOX Live launched it too was full of positive people who were just excited to be talking to others online and having fun. Then as time went by the community degraded. The same thing will happen with Elite. It is the anonymous behaviour that somehow warrants it is ok to act like a jerk. When you take that anonymity away in say games we see in Facebook then it becomes more about helping others. Sure $50 a year is quite a bit of money for access to only one game to hopefully weed out the bad players but look at MMO's, I've read stories of people actually finding other gamers who stole items and hunting them down.


The Elite players are most likely the most competitive players and with competition things get heated.

gamingdroid2650d ago

I think with a paid subscription it will deter more people from being @ssholes especially if they are attached to their account.

It won't prevent people from doing it nor eliminate it.

Baka-akaB2650d ago

i also disagree , it has never stopped such behavior in the past , no reason for it to stop now .

UIt's a meager additional cost , not some vip club or gentleman's country club fee

Triggs2650d ago

Isn't there both a paid and free subscription for Elite?

jozzah2651d ago

Instead of flame wars there now loyal elitist fan boys.

Baka-akaB2650d ago

Rofl people are truly kidding themselves if they think using money will deter the mood to deteriorates .
An urban myth is that it's the kids that screw everything up in communities , then when you put a subscription fee , it all magically goes away .

It wasnt true for any mmo , it certainly wasnt for XBL , and it wont be for COD elite .

Jackasses got money to spend too

spenn20102650d ago

Well said, and as a adult gamer i'm done with COD. When playing Battle field bad company 2 i usually end up communicating with adults on PSN and never get kids ranting and causing problems. Xbox live is full of little kids and that will never change especially while playing COD and its peer to peer garbage. If people think kiddies parents aren't going to shell out funds for little johnny to have this service are crazy. Immature gamers are obsessed with K/D ratios, weapons stats etc.

I really did enjoy xbox 360 and xbox live but i guess my patience has run out with the community that plays shooters. My Xbox only get utilized when playing Fifa 11 clubs where the use of the party chat really comes in handy and makes clubs an outstanding exp. PSN is IMO overall is better services due to the age demographic of whose connected. Flame if you want to i have own and played both systems since 2005 for the 360 and PS3 since 2007 and as an adult PSN is just better for me.