Mandatory install size revealed for Resident Evil: Revival Selection

The mandatory install size has been revealed for Resident Evil: Revival Selection on the Playstation 3, which contains the retail versions of Resident Evil 4 HD and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD.

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Jensen2596d ago

is this cd based gunna come stateside?

Blaze9292596d ago

No. But what I do want to know is if you buy the disc version and install the games - do you need the disc anymore?

Mario4life2596d ago

no just japan, we get the digital downloads

TheRichterBelmont2596d ago

Listen to your fans (for once) Capcom! We want a US Disc release!

AznGaara2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Fans: "Re-release Street Fighter 3rd Strike." We got SF3: 3rd Strike: Online Edition.

Fans: "Patch Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition the twins are too strong." They're working on it now.

.... point is.... they are listening to fans.

pipipi2596d ago the street fighter fans....what about resident evil or devil may cry fans? no? ha haha
we are screwd

Major_kenny2596d ago

US disc release? are you better than europeans?

TheRichterBelmont2596d ago

You idiot, you guys got Xenoblade, we didn't. :P You can ask Capcom yourself. =P~~

Goozex2596d ago

Mandatory install. SO FREAkIN what! I wait for 3 mins that's all. BETTER THAN DISC SWAPPIN!

newn4gguy2596d ago

I like his avatar too...

VINNIEPAZ2596d ago

"Mandatory install. SO FREAkIN what! I wait for 3 mins that's all. BETTER THAN DISC SWAPPIN!"

Whoa lil fella, calm down. WTF you getting so mad at. This article is giving info on HDD install size and you're having a meltdown, chill out.

manumit2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

thats a nice avatar. (damn i'm down the bottom)

Jack_DangerousIy2593d ago

You need to stop harassing me. I will contact N4G and get you banned if you insist upon continuing this course of action. I'm giving you fair warning as I've had to do it to someone else before. It's no fun being kicked from this site.

So, if you stop now, I'll let it go.

You've been warned.



P.S. Don't forget to quit while you're ahead.

J86blum2596d ago

Im fine with it being a PSN title as I only want RE4HD so no need to pay for code veronica x plus this cd release comes with more then just the games.

WhiteLightning2596d ago

They even got a CE over in Japan, the CE looked pretty neat

Come on Capcom, the only thing we would pay for and your not releasing it over in the US and Europe

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The story is too old to be commented.