Xbox Shaped PS3 Controller

If you are constantly complaining that you get beaten at games because you’re not accustom to the Playstation 3 Controller shape as an Xbox owner, then this could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Wizziokid2688d ago

I do prefer the 360 remote for FPS titles so this could be interesting

Legion2688d ago

Except the sticks don't appear to be offset in this controller so it defeats the point of some people preferring the Xbox 360 controller layout over the PS3.

The Gioteck HF-2 Wireless Controller(Bluetooth) looks like a much better attempt at giving you Xbox 360 controls with PS3 connectivity.

Spitfire_Riggz2688d ago

I dont know I think the stick position is something you get used to.

I think this is more about the shape fitting better in your hands, the concave sticks and the triggers.

Unless you have pelican triggers like me =)

Ayepecks2688d ago

Just my own personal preference, but the sticks have never been the primary problem with the PS3 controller for FPS gaming, it's those horrible triggers.

The PS3's controller works far better for fighting games with its D-Pad, though.

Legion2688d ago

Well the stick position has been the primary motivation for those that like the Xbox 360. Yes, the shape of the controller and the triggers (along with the bumper buttons) are also a major factor. But primarily... stick placement.

As for the D-Pad and fighting games? I usually use the sticks anyways... so no issue on my end. But I can see how the old D-Pad did have issues with accuracy when using. I have not seen any issues with the new controller though with the better D-Pad. (some say they still see issues... but they are few and far between)

NiKK_4192687d ago

For me, I like the 360 triggers and ps3 sticks for fps, but I have fps freek and pelican triggers on my ps3, so I have best of both worlds. :)
Plus, I like the ps3 with pelican triggers better than 360 triggers anyway. But this controller probably has something wrong with it anyway. Like, the sticks aren't smooth with 360 degree motion and everything(which is critcal in an fps), and I find most third party controllers have this problem. Even the "official" call of duty controllers have this problem, which doesnt make any sense to me. So just stick to first party controllers.

TBM2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

the sticks being offset or not mean nothing fps control the same either im playing on ps3 or 360.

why would they create a ps3 360 shaped controller and keep that horrible d pad?

i have decent size hands and never had a problem with the dualshock controllers. to me people just make up reasons to complain about stuff.

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TreMillz2688d ago

May just be me but if you cant handle the dualshock by now, PS3 was either your first PS console, you dont own both consoles, or you just dont care to get used to it. Over 10 years+ and people now complaining.

Legion2688d ago

I am not so sure it is the getting used to it factor. I have owned almost ALL consoles at one time or another. And just find that the Xbox 360 controller is preferred for FPS games. (and actually most other games for the comfort) Not saying that you can't get used to the dualshock... just that the preferred controller for me is the Xbox 360.

I used to love the Dreamcast controller and hated the Gamecube controller myself (though many love it). I was a big fan of the Duke controller for the original Xbox but liked the S controller better when it came out.

When Sony makes a controller that is better then the Xbox 360 controller then I will get it more then likely. I have a dualshock controller for my Xbox 360 that I bought for my friends to try out. (I have both a PS/Keyboard Mouse adapter for my Xbox 360 :D) That was for my friends who said they could kick my but on Halo if they had a PS controller. (Note: One is kicking my butt now. But after switching over to the Xbox 360 controller and LOTS of practice. ha)

snipes1012687d ago

I have big hands and the PS3 controller cramps them up with it's stick configuration. It's nothing really about getting used to it.

I've always preferred the xbox to the ps controllers ever since I picked up my first controller s.

My preference towards the xbox controller is just made more-so because from the DS2-to the DS3, the joysticks have been made really loose as well and given how still the microsoft ones are, this is another con for me.

KiLLUMiNATi_892688d ago

I wouldn't mind getting it, I also prefer xbox controller for shooters also. Only die hard ps3 fanboys have big issue with it.

Si-Fly2688d ago

Hadn't thought of trying to play a fps with the "remote", can't imagine it's easy ... ;)

egidem2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

People will always have different opinions about which controllers they prefer. If you claim the 360 controller to be the best, you're bound to get disagrees. The same with the PS3 DS3 as well. It all depends on stuff like which controller you grew up playing/using, which you feel comfortable the most with etc.

We at least can agree on one thing: the 360 controller D-Pad could use a redesign.

For those of you who prefer the 360 controller style over the DS3, then this might be good for you.

andibandit2687d ago

Yeah, i agree, i prefer the 360 controller as well, but that D-pad is an outrage.

SilentNegotiator2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

The millionth third party 360-look-alike controller = another 1000 degree story

This isn't new, people. There have been a LOT of these sorts of controllers and articles for them. They're just used an excuse to argue about the controllers.

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BootHammer2688d ago

I am in the same boat. This is a great idea.

RedDead2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

May buy 1 and another DS3. Need new controllers, I just hope it isn't a cheap knockoff like some Ps3 controllers i've bought(looked the real deal but not at all, feels like shi*)

I don't really mind which controller so long as they're built well.

Anyone elses Ds3 trigger Springs break? Mine have a few times, now one of the triggers is just gone(seriously I just looked down one they and it wasn't there, I didn't need it for whatever game I was playing at the time and never noticed)

BootHammer2688d ago

That's my concern, that it will be cheap and fall apart in no time. But who knows, it might last longer than those Ds3's you've been going through ;)

Eromu2688d ago

My triggers have worked fine but on 3 of my controllers I've had since launch my left analog has worn out to the point that in some games it's always moving forward slowly now without even touching the controller.

It sucks in shooters because if I try to snipe my character inches forward ever so slowly.

Pintheshadows2688d ago

I've had that issue but moving right which made driving games unplayable.

egidem2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Despite what people say about the build quality of the DS3, I find it to be a solid piece of hardware. Sure, it might not feel as sturdy/firm as its 360 counterpart, but I don't know how many times I've accidentally dropped a DS3 on the floor...the thing is solid and continues to work.

Never had troubles with any of the DS3 springs or anything. I just hate that the R2 L2 triggers can get a bit slippery sometimes but not a big issue.

CaptainMarvelQ82688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

The xbox controller is absolutely HORRID in fighting games.I've been struggling in Mortal Kombat trying to do combos(i don't use the analog stick).The arrow buttons are stuck together.Meaning you can easily screw up and do another move/or fail in doing any move.Also my hands get sore very fast when playing fighting games.Whilst the ps3 controller has the arrow buttons far from each other,and not stuck in a giant plastic circle.

With that being said,both controllers are good in every other genre.

KING_KAI2688d ago

the brand new 360 controller sorts that problem out. if you twist the dpad around, it turns into the ps3 dpad.

Blacktric2688d ago

No... No it doesn't. It's still a one solid piece + instead of the one found on Dualshock 3. And it's still stiff as hell.

rjdofu2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

"if you twist the dpad around, it turns into the ps3 dpad"

Are you serious? They don't look the same and don't work the same.

Blacktric2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

5 disagrees? Seriously? Can't believe how much some users here can get offended on a topic they have no idea about. Did any of you even used the goddamn controller? Did it feel superrior to the Dualshock 3's d-pad? Is that the reason you're giving me disagrees or is it because you're just too goddamn incompetent to realize that it's still the same stiff d-pad without connecting edges around it. I'm using it since it's released in UK and it's the same stiff and useless d-pad. Nothing's changed.

Legion2688d ago

People who complain about getting disagrees get a disagree from me. Regardless if they have made any other valid points in their post.

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JellyJelly2688d ago

I had no problem whatsoever playing MK with the 360 controller. Sounds like typical PS3 fanboy trolling.

CaptainMarvelQ82688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Yeah,im trolling. /s

GOD ,this site is getting so messed up.Apparently every comment in here has to be judged by others to determine whether the commentator is trolling,a ps3 or a 360 fanboy.SO WHAT if you hadn't had problems? There are many other players in the world with different opinions and experiences.Have you been appointed by someone as the voice of all gamers around the world? Mustn't there be a legitimate complaint about a platform that oh-so happened to be of your favorite brand?

Please, just shut up

JellyJelly2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

No, I'm just pointing out the fact that I've seen that d-pad comment mentioned here a million times, and they always end with praising the PS3 controller.

Also, having played the game myself I find it hard to believe unless you have hoofs for hands. Only game I've encountered d-pad problems with was Edler Scrolls: Oblivion when you selected abilities.

SRTold2688d ago

Only the biggest losers of the world, the pimply oily nerds say trolling. Go ahead, call me a troll. I'll call you a fucking piece of shit. Which sounds better?

Calling someone a troll is only a compliment I think. Trolls are larger than humans and have regenerative powers that rival Wolverines!.

If you don't like someone don't call them a troll, be a man and tell them to go and chug some diarrhea straight from the source. Either that or go back to grade 2 and learn some actual decent insults.

Pintheshadows2688d ago

SkidRowTrash, Trolls also hang out in watercolour paintings occasionally which shows them to be cultured.

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DarkBlood2688d ago

nice as mostly a ps3 gamer i always felt comfortable using my xbox controller the same said for the ps3 one but somehow prefer it to be bigger

maybe its the triggers or something idk and damn its not a canadian or american site so i cant see about getting one oh well

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