BF3 vs MW3: What Are You Buying?

It’s the clash of the titans this year as two of the biggest game franchises go head on. Where it’s pretty obvious that the Call Of Duty series has a larger fan-base than Battlefield, it’s also not a widely kept secret that the Call Of Duty series has gone monotonous.

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Pikajew2598d ago

Core gamers buy both of them or want both
fanboys buy one of them by choice and think they are core

NuclearDuke2598d ago

I consider myself a core gamer, yet I cannot purchase Battlefield 3 after seeing how their community acts on forum boards across the "internet". It's simply disgusting to see the "mature"-scene as they call themselves, behave like children.

outwar60102598d ago

i will buy both but will be muting any racist on mw3(there will be alot)

Mr_Lu_Kim2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Going to buy 3 copies of BF3 (one for me, one for the misus and one for my little bro)

Going to pirate MW3 and give it to everyone at my next LAN and go hard for free on in LAN matches.


I was robbed when I bought MW2 and Black Ops. It's my turn, call me a thief I am still going to pirate it. I don't give my cash to thieves I steal from them

You should see my purchase list though it is at least $1500 worth this year. I am eagerly awaiting 4 pre-orders now.

Zechs342598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

So Duke, you're not buying what could potentially be one of the best games of the year for your own enjoyment because of how its "community" acts on forums or has to say about the game?

Your honest loss I would say... :/

The irony is there if you search well.

Edit: seriously Kim? Bragging about pirating MW3? Not cool. Even if the game is "hated" and will sell millions of copies, its still a game that people worked hard on, and as such, should be at least recognized, not stolen from.

@everyone below.

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I respectfully agree. However...

BF:BC2 was great. Its subjective to say you didn't like it Duke. Regardless, BF3 is a return to form for Battlefield, not BC2. For you to say that I will be disappointed is far from correct. You're speculating. Besides, I was in the Alpha trial and now in the closed beta, believe me, I will enjoy it.

Outwar, of course ican see your concern, I, to some extent feel the same way about reusing old engines. But a job is a job and should be compensated as such, you know?

@Kim... again...

So because you ''felt" robbed after getting MW2, being disappointed, you went ahead and got BLOPS, same thing happened. And now that gives you the right to pirate the game? And what's your spending tab or preorders have anything to do with pirating a game? So because I saw 4 movies this summer I can pirate another 2? I too spend a lot of money on videogames and will probably pick up all the great games in the coming months, but I will not
Use that as an excuse to steal from people. You're not entitled to commit crimes no matter how bad you "feel" shafted.

stevenhiggster2598d ago

While I do agree with NuclearDuke about the BF community, I will be buying BF3.

I just stay away from the official BF forums, the complaining on them is absolutely ridiculous, they do behave like children.

I've played and loved every BF game since BF2 and I do not let the vocal minority of idiots on a forum sway my purchases.

NuclearDuke2598d ago

@Zechs34: Battlefield 3 will not be one of the best games of the year, far from actually. Bad Company 2 was not even close and BF3 looks like a direct upgrade from it. You will be dissapointed, immensely.

outwar60102598d ago

@ Zechs34 surely it cant be that hard to recycle an engine game after game

farhad2k82598d ago

I completely agree with you!

evrfighter2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

I'm sorry but cod gamers are as casual as they come. I would never call someone who plays cod a core gamer because the majority of them don't buy other games.

Now go around and talk to battlefield fans and they'll start listing upcoming games they plan on buying.

Core gamers support the industry yet cod gamers only buy their annual expansion pack and dlc

I'll let you come to the conclusion here

Pixel_Pusher2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

I'm getting BF3 for both PC & PS3.

Am I getting MW3? ---->

KendrickGLS2598d ago

I'm a core Gamer too, but I'm only buying Battlefield 3! And you must didn't really want to buy it in the first place if you wouldn't buy because of something as silly as that.

Farsendor12598d ago

hmm cod fans have always talked about people that don't play cod even though the cod fanboys aren't out there saying it now it did happen a ton in the past.

when i used to be a ps3 gamer i was playing cod and told the guys that i was going to play killzone 2 for a bit and they started bitching me out saying im turning my back on the best game ever.

and i personally know 6 people who only play cod and talk bad about every other game they play.

Clarence2598d ago

Yeah because people who play MW are more mature. I've been called all types of n!$$er when I use to play MW. Not to mention all the cheating that goes on in MW multiplayer. Yep MW sure is mature.

I'm buying 1 and that's BF3. I've had my fill of MW. That does not make me a fanboy. That's just my personal taste. The same goes for people who buy just MW it's their personal taste.

Just playing games makes you a core gamer

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Mario4life2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Core Gamers dont have to buy or be interested in both to be core gamers have you ever heard of preferences, some like cod, some lik the bf series

dark-hollow2598d ago

But preference doesn't matter! Oh no!
Let's instead fight over which is better wasting time on never ending arguments!

For EVERY cod and BF 3 fan! Take a breathe, now think what you will accomplish from arguing over these games??

OcelotRigz2598d ago


Nothing's wrong with a bit of rivalry i.e. PES/FIFA, GTA/Saints Row etc... but this whole BF3 VS MW3 debate has just been pathetic really and a sad reflection on some of the gaming community.

Pikajew2598d ago

I never said your not core if you don't like them. I'm not interested in both of them and I am core. It's the people who bash them for no reason who are fanboys

dark-hollow2598d ago

This mw3 vs battlefield 3 drama is too much for me.
How about an idea,

Buy whatever YOU want. Yeah crazy, right?

DasTier2598d ago

Having a personnel preference does not make someone a fanboy. People are throwing the label fanboy around like the label of racist...

kingdoms2598d ago

Most fanboys in one camp will say BF3 but the reality in sales and pre-orders tells a different story.

I will buy BF3 because the replay value in multi player and the immersion of full scale battle is what I like in fps( halo etc) I don't hate COD though.

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2598d ago
Hufandpuf2598d ago

$120 is a lot of money to get both, so I presume many will only have the money and time for one of the two. I will be buying BF3.

Mr_Lu_Kim2598d ago

In Australia in Target MW3 will sell day one for $120 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS!?

$120 for both would be nice.

just_looken2598d ago

i took the $120 and never got either mindless fps's back in the day there were better titles but no hd omfg. I got tropoco 4/wkc 2 and Scarface bd limited edition. 90+ hrs of single player with some mp and a awesome classic movie for a little under $120. enjoy your mindless fps's. Btw that's 3 games and a movie not 2 games and loads of bs dlc afterwords ty and goodnight.

DanSolo2598d ago

I'm buying neither as now I am sick of hearing about them in all these stupid fucking "Which are you getting" "Which is Better" articles....

Ok I am getting BF3 and have it pre-ordered.... but that is not the point... FFS can gamers and gaming "journalist" grow up a bit? It's getting really childish and annoying now!

Just as gaming is becoming more mainstream and accepted as being more than a kids hobby.... we have a certain type of gaming and gaming "journalist" dragging the whole industry into pettiness and idiocy!

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