Gears Of War 3 Xbox 360 Console and Lancer Unboxing with Hip Hop legend Ice-T

Gamertag Radio writes: "Gears of War 3 console and lancer unboxing with Ice-T."

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SuperSaiyan42596d ago

Very lucky guy :-D I hope I have enough money to get that and trade in my S.

KingSlayer2596d ago

Ice-T should unbox everything. That Xbox is sexy as hell.

Neoninja2596d ago

Man I can't wait for mine on the 20th!

m232596d ago

Damn. The Xbox looks really niceee, but what I'm more excited about is the game. Just under 2 weeks to go!!

otherZinc2596d ago

Thanks for the shout out Ice, your music was part of our music arsenal in college. Bring back a retro of that famous "Album Cover", back & front.

Cant wait for the game, I'll have 2 copies for the co-op day 1!

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