Hard Reset Demo Impressions: This Game Will Take You By Surprise - Gamemunition

One might expect a new shooter like Hard Reset to go missing amongst the big names that are being released this time of the year. However, going through the demo of the game makes it pretty clear that this title cannot be pushed around.

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Cajun Chicken2599d ago

With this and Serious Sam 3. It's going to be a great time for PC arcade style FPS. Personally, I loved the demo. It was like the best of Painkiller and Firestarter put together.

Decent price too. Will certainly consider.

Shadowaste2598d ago

best graphics in a game since the witcher 2!

gameplay is smooth and fun, i pre-ordered and paid it off for $26 on steam:)

stevenhiggster2598d ago

I pre ordered it before the demo was out.
After playing the demo I was a bit disappointed... that the full game isn't out till next week!

Can't wait for this one.

dirthurts2598d ago

Oh you had me going there. ha ha.
Yeah the game is awesome.

dirthurts2598d ago

I'm impressed with the level of detail they can push with so much action going on at the same time. Very impressive indeed.

jy_mrnd2598d ago

I also pre ordered it before the demo was out. Great game can't wait.