Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots -- Lightning, Time Travel, Odin and More

Andriasang: has posted a screenshot-filled article for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The screens cover all the items that were shown in Dengeki and Weekly Famitsu this week.

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Zeixama2596d ago

What is this ? Emo-chan characters save the world ! Only on Final Fantasy !

laaakokaracha2596d ago

Didnt like the battle system in part 1....wont like it in part 2

DaTruth2596d ago

The idea of time traveling where you choose seems non-linear and sounds promising, but all the HUD maps in view show the same linear skinny paths!

Although I enjoyed FF13, it wasn't without its flaws and could be an incredible game if improved!

Elda2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

This game is looking more & more interesting & gorgeous,loved FF-XIII can't wait for this sequel!! I know true die hard FF fans will definitely be buying this.

laaakokaracha2596d ago

true die hard FF fans hated ff13

Elda2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

@laaakokaracha, maybe you hated FF-XIII & haters shouldn't come to positive FF-XIII & FF-XIII-2 forum voicing their negative opinions & hate for a game that people want to play.people who do care about this game want to hear only good things & feedback about this upcoming sequel.

bakasora2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

FF13 is an eye candy.
google: "define:eye candy"
thats what FF13 is exactly

laaakokaracha2595d ago

something tells me that ur not above 16 need for me to argue...

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