Play AKB48 Game And Improve Your Japanese?

TKE: I’ve been playing a rather interesting PSP game recently.

I’m sure all of you know who AKB48 is. It’s impossible not to know. They are EVERYWHERE! But just in case you were living in a cave for the past few years, AKB48 is a Japanese female idol group advertised as “idols you can meet”. They have their own performing theater in Akihabara (thus the group name AKB, the short form for Akiba, which is a short form for Akihabara) where fans can see them live everyday. The group is huge and split into 4 teams, Team A, Team K, Team B, and Team 4.

And then…one day, I chanced upon a random Youtube video about this PSP game. A PSP game called AKB1/48.

So when I started playing this game, I was so amused and excited. It was definitely interesting to ‘go out’ with a girl and see the various ways they try to make you like her. I also discovered that, for students of the Japanese language, this is an excellent way to learn Japanese!

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ryse_up2690d ago

Interesting... I'm not into dating sims but I've been working on my Japanese RosetaStone for almost 6 months now and like to supplement it with games and music. I think changing things up helps a lot when learning a new language. Good article!

Xenial2690d ago

AKB48 is good.. not better than SNSD or f(x) though. xD

sinncross2690d ago

Yeah sdn arent bad but here in japan akb are on a whole different level of popular.

Xenial2690d ago

Yeah, i know. They are really popular.

Inception2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I don't mind improving my japanese just for dating one of them in real life XD

knifefight2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Would you call this headline bombastic and the writer an attention whore, even though he's correct?

I mean, because you can still learn Japanese from other games. And sometimes games get delayed. But saying they might get delayed --and listing logical reasons why -- makes someone an attention whore...even though the game ended up getting delayed.

And so I suppose to you, saying you can improve your Japanese from this one game would make someone an attention whore...even though you can improve your Japanese with many, many games.



Inception2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

LOL, what FF Type-0 got to do with this news???
and i don't see any bombastic headline -_-

FYI, i never say i can improve my japanese with this game, and you need to take a chill pill dude :P

knifefight2690d ago

Haha you're following me around the internet now?

Cool though. I would too.

Oh I know YOU didn't say it, but the headline does which is where you tend to find problems; I therefore pointed out something you might enjoy. I am helping you. Because I love you.

No need to get all angry, man. Just relax. It's OK.

Kyosuke_Sanada2690d ago

A very fun read indeed. I wouldn't mind giving this title a try because I always wanted to learn Japanese (only second to German and Russian). Besides that, I know I cant win a girl's heart with just my fendora.

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