Good Game: Resistance 3 review

It's a depressing time to be human. The Chimera are settling in and mopping up what is left of humanity.

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Ezio20482596d ago

from where in f***ing world do these people come?
how come a 6.75??
Resistance deserves much more than that!!!!:-/

Pozzle2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

NGL, I don't even get the score tbh. I mean, the review itself sounds like they really enjoyed it...So why the low score??

Masta_fro2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Probably one of the worst reviews i have ever seen, and not just because of their low scores, but because the things they critisize are extremely minor, yet still give a horrible score.

As soon as you start watching the review they start making fun of the game.

I was actually shocked because they seem like a good team, but their critcs could all be answered with one frase "so what?"

opinions my ass, this is pure hits-bait

BulletToothtony2595d ago

i Just finished the game.. this game for the campaign along is a solid 9/10 and once you UNlearn cod and learn resistance this game is easily a 9.5.

I have enjoyed it A LOT!!

Pozzle2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

@Masta_fro: My thoughts exactly. I can kinda see why the constant "Joe"s might be annoying or the depressing story might not be to everyone's taste, but they certainly aren't big enough reasons to mark the game's score down...because they aren't even genuine faults in the game!

The same goes for their "lack of different enemy types" complaint. Sure it might be a MINOR annoyance to some people, but who cares how many enemy varieties there are? I mean, do people complain when most shooter's use the same gun-toting human enemies over and over again?

BattleAxe2595d ago

Right below "Read Full Review" click the website, then click "WTF" and then click "NO". These guys are idiots.

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TBM2595d ago

I know this review is this guys opinion but i just can't take it too seriously lol. He/she have no tastes in games.

SageHonor2595d ago

Or they just dont like Resistance lol

Its funny cause i hear some people saying "they just wanted hits" Well guess what.... we have them hits

TBM2595d ago


oh i didnt click on the link i just read what some here said what theyve read. plus 90% of the reviews of very favorable with 8s - 100 so i just reason that those who want to drop low scores just dont care or just want hits.

callahan092595d ago

Frankly, it's bullshit. Over-critical failure of a review.

JoGam2595d ago

I bet they gave Angry Birds a 10/10 saying it the best story ever. s/ The site is wack. Don't give hits.

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dark-hollow2595d ago

For hits they are desperate...

Pozzle2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

The thing is, Good Game is a (fairly popular) show on Australian tv that has been running for a few years. And their page is on the channel's website, not their own. So I sadly don't think this review was done to get hits. :(

Pozzle2595d ago

Hmmm...not really sure why my comment is getting Disagrees? I was only poiting out that the review is from a tv show, not a website. Are people disagreeing with the "it's a tv show" part, or the "it's not their website" part? :/

geddesmond2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I'd say disagreeing on the hits part. Nobodies going to click on every 9 and 10 review this game gets but they will click on low scored games because they know peoples curiosity will take over

Silver_Faux2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Popular my arse. Its a shit show with shit hosts. You guys should just stick to reviewing casual games and leave 'good games' to the grown ups.

Edit: I include 'you' in my comment as all you do is post their shit, so please do us all a favour and don't.

Pozzle2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Just because it's a shit show, doesn't mean people don't watch it though. It's obviously geared towards a non-gamer/casual crowd, and that must work for them because the ratings aren't all that bad for a ABC2 show. Not every gamer is into internet forums and game sites, so they use tv to get their gaming news.

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spektical2595d ago

can someone honestly give me an honest review?

i just paid today, and i want to buy this, but all i've seen is that its great or its a tad above average.

i loved r2 better than r1... i know may be one of the few, just throwing that out there...

nycredude2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

if you like halflife 2 you will LOVE this game. nonstop action setpieces with awesome atmoshphere and great shooting mechanics. Just fun to play and hard to put down. Best fps this year so far.

The graphics are not the best in the genre but it makes up for it in everything else. 3D makes a difference.

Game feels like Halflife 2, pacing like uncharted 2, and effects like Killzone.

SERIOUSLY! In no way should this game get under a 7.5. Personally it is 8-9 depending on taste.

Ultr2595d ago

Hei Im with you, I liked R2 more R1 and wow, I started playing yesterday...ITS ONE HELL OF A RIDE! killzone was my favorite fps on ps3, but this is just superb, crown to resistance, without question

Pixel_Pusher2595d ago

everyone is in love with the game and they can't put it down.

first impressions here can be read here

chriski3332595d ago

Got it day1 love its fu is great single player is fun as well is mulitiplayer

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Der_Kommandant2595d ago

I threw up a little in my mouth while watching that site

SuperbVillain2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

don't go by other peoples opinions.If the game catches your attention,buy it or rent it! everyone has different preferences.What may work some some may not work for others.and vise versa

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