GameInsider: Resistance 3 Review - A Non-Stop Thrill Ride

An emotional blockbuster thrill ride is at every corner of Insomniac’s latest PS3 shooter. While previous games in the series were great, Resistance 3 improves upon them with an extra dosage of awesome for good measure. Again, the game is great no matter how you look at it. Thoroughly covering all it’s bases in single-player, cooperative mode and multiplayer, this is a must-buy title that never let’s up. The credits are rolling and the game still has you in the middle of the action.

Bravo Insomniac!

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Ultr2599d ago

Hell yeah thats how I feal now playing the game, Im playing it with my friend and wow what a ride! It sometimes reminds me of Half Life, but this is so unique, what a great game! Best this year so far! at least for the FPS section :) !!

Drekken2599d ago

I agree!! I liked KZ3 single player and that has been the best shooter of the year until this gem released. I can't wait to get home and finish the story just to start again.

etowntwo2599d ago

Looks like ps3 has another aaa for their library.

I'm jealous .... But not that jealous that I'd go and buy a ps3.

rmedtx8882598d ago

If you have the chance to play it at a friend's house, do it. This game rocks!

Holeran2599d ago

I'm on chapter 15 right now and level 18 in multiplayer and indeed the word epic fits this game perfectly.

rmedtx8882599d ago

I'm loving this game. Lots of action, amazing graphics and really cool controls.