Dad Reviews Dead Island, Responds to Haters

Andy Robertson writes: "Dead Island made promises it didn't intend to keep. While it creates an impressive experience with obviously scarce resources, I still wish it had taken a shot at being what its marketing suggested.

"As you can read below, in my original response to its trailer and the general perplexity and protective nature of commenters, Dead Island's marketing has worked well. Reactions like mine, to the depiction of an urban family's descent into bloody debauchery at the hands of a zombie hoard, obviously play into this -- stoking the pot by getting core gamers defensive and everybody else wringing their hands."

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Its completely and utterly stupid to assume what a games theme is from ONE trailer, why everyone got so hung up on the trailer is beyond me.....

Fact is did you not see the several OTHER trailers released after which had a heavy focus on action? guess not....

point being dont assume a game is what it represents in a trailer, thats one small insignificant part of the games far larger developments, you can find the bodies of that family in game.

The Atmosphere is indeed creepy and dire and people are in dire emotional situations, theres a guy who asks you to kill his zombie family FFS, if you need a child zombie, slow piano music and everything going backwards for you, you probably need to re evaluate where your emotions are.

duger2598d ago

it's not a review. it's the Trailer review... ppl - give it a break! it's one-of-a-kind gem, and you are still sticking to the cgi trailer, that was told not to have many incommon with the game. since it was released.
don't be such a geek - play the game and you'll see what it's about!