8 Frustrating Boss Battles

Boss Battles while probably only make up 20% of a total game they do end up being the most fulfilling parts of a game when you finish them. Fighting a Boss and finally beating him after tearing your hair out is a level of satisfaction that you can only experience its damn near impossible to explain.

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RedDead2601d ago

Meh, only the top 3 can be frustrating. If you're unprepared for them

iDotDotDot2601d ago

I'll have to agree with whoever disagreed with you.

Really if you think about it a lot of the reason some the people who played some of those bosses beat them are because of guides or cheats.

Also I think using a Guide to beat a boss shows a level of frustration already.

Wintersun6162601d ago

The End is actually quite easy to beat legit if you know what to do. But first time around it was frustrating as hell.

MoXxXi2601d ago

Crawmerax.....Ugh. I swear beating him is so annoying if you dont have the right guns...I swear I am max leveled and he can still kill me in one hit...

Hatiko2601d ago

Alma from Ninja Gaiden is my most frustrating. Took me 4 straight hors to defeat her the first time you fight her.
And I had no clue that you could skip The End. I just ran around until he shot at me. Then I knew where he was from where the bullet came from. Then I used my goggles to find him in the bushes and then shot him and did that until he died.
And Zeus? I beat the guy in one try (and no I wasn't on easy mode). Yeah he was hard, but he wasn't frustrating.

KendrickGLS2601d ago

I thought a lot of boss fights in Devil May Cry 4 were pretty hard. Ninety-Nine Nights 2 is my favorite hack & slash game, but it's boss fights were the most frustrating to me, but I consider that a good thing. Army of Two 40th Day's boss fights were tough too.

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