The 3DS Control Expansion Pack: An Avoidable PR Nightmare

The internet has already lost its mind over the 3DS control expansion pack, before Nintendo has even bothered to explain how the thing will be used or sold. Every moment that Nintendo fails to explain what is going on is another potential 3DS sale lost. Meanwhile, 3DS "Ambassadors" lose faith in the system they are supposed to be convincing others to buy.

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dark-hollow2595d ago

Nintendo, it was YOUR choice to have one analog stick in the 3rd.
You can't suddenly change that now!

Seriously success makes some companies make some stupid decisions and think they will sell well based on their brand only!!!

iamnsuperman2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Agree but there could be a smart move here. It was stupid to release the 3DS without two analogue sticks. They could release the bog standard add on and an add on that has an extra rechargeable battery pack. Battery for 3D use isn't spectacular. They might as well try to kill two birds with one stone

zeal0us2595d ago

man that thing look fatter than the old xbox controller.

Myst2595d ago

How am I going to play Monster Hunter on this...

digitaledge2595d ago

The same way as the Wii version, apparently. OR, and here is a radical thought, you don't have to buy the accessory and just play it like the PSP version for example.

OR, and here is a more radical thought for N4G, you could wait until the full announcement next week so that you get all the facts about the game, how it looks, how it plays (with and without this peripheral), and the facts about the peripheral itself.

We could speculate for days about this, and we may all be wrong, or we may all be right. Who knows.

From what I see and hear (from the series supervisor) is that it's optional, you can play it without it, and that it's comfortable to hold. We will have to wait for everything else.

Myst2595d ago

Wii version in what way? Because I used the Classic Controller Pro. PSP version? The claw is utilized because the D-pad was used variety of things while analog was for movement. It is flipped here would it still apply.

Yes that is always well and good but one will always speculate as to the nature of the game and how they would be able to play it on a console or handheld. Especially if the handheld is different from the others that it was on before.

Yes we could but either way it's fun. So long as people don't take it to the extremes I see no harm. For me it's going to be purchased either way because it's a Monster Hunter title.

Well if that is what they stated then I'd just add more speculation to my mind as to what type of control set up as well as Monsters it will have.

digitaledge2595d ago

According to the series supervisor, the extra buttons will provide the same control scheme as found on the Wii version (played with the Classic Controller Pro).

I assume that the analogue will still be used for movement, and the D-Pad will be used for inventory items (in the way that the D-Pad was used in Twilight Princess for the Wii).

But it's still all speculation at the moment. For all we know, the 3DS version could have a completely customisable control scheme, where you could map camera control to the touchscreen if you don't have the expansion etc.

hard joe2595d ago

waiting for new 3ds
built in dual sticks
no 3d effect
3ds lite?

Braid2595d ago

you keep waiting
two dual sticks will happen
but no 3d effect
would not make it a "3ds" lite afterall

Oldman1002595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

That thing looks ridiculous. Makes you wonder why they didn't include a second circle pad in the first place. This whole idea just seems like a butthurt response to everyone praising the vita's dual analogues.

TOSgamer2595d ago

They probably did it to save $. As we have seen with the Wii. Nintendo's not above gimping their hardware to save a few bucks here and there. But to release this monstrosity less then a year after launch really shows poor planning on their part. They should of learned from all the crap that Sony took for the missing stick on the psp.

digitaledge2595d ago

The 3DS doesn't really need a second analog stick, as the touch screen can be used in most cases to change camera angle for most games.

When you consider that many DS (and 3DS) games don't really use the touch screen for anything other than inventory purposes, the touch screen is the perfect way to change the camera.

However, Monster Hunter will be making use of the touch screen heavily, apparently, which doesn't really leave room for adding camera control functions to the touch screen, which is why this optional accessory was probably created.

But most games (including FPS games) can have second analog control mapped to the touch screen quite easily. I've seen it done successfully with Metroid on the DS, and also with Mario 64 on the DS.

Wintersun6162595d ago

Making a monstrous peripheral because of one game? Makes sense.


How are you going to use the face buttons comfortably with that THING on it?

digitaledge2595d ago

Just like the peripherals that came out for Guitar Hero?

This might not be just for one game - it could be used for other games, just like the balance board for the Wii. That was intended to be used primarily for one game, but the did develop other games that made use of it - and even used it as an option control method for other games.

In my opinion, it's better than the peripherals that came out with Guitar Hero (or the UDraw tablet), as this one DOES have uses outside the Monster Hunter game.

The important fact at the moment is that this is an OPTIONAL accessory - you don't need it to play this game, or any other game just now.

Yes, there may be a 3DS revision with the second analog built in, but that's not guaranteed at this stage (well, the 3DS revision is guaranteed, but not necessarily the second analog).

We will have to wait until next week to get all of the details about this, because right now, all we have is speculation. The only facts we have heard about it is from the MH series supervisor who said that it's optional for the MH game, but provides the same control scheme as the Wii version of the game, and it is comfortable to hold. Everything else is just speculation on our part.

Wintersun6162595d ago

I completely agree with you, I was just saying that Monster Hunter probably wasn't the reason they made this.

And it does look quite uncomfortable to use the face buttons to me, because they're so far away from the edge now.

supremacy2595d ago

Exactly, though it saids this also includes addiotional L2& R2 triggers into the mix. Wow I guess they are going all out with this thing huh, well anyway the Vita has so many special parts to it that a second stick is just another feature.

That OS and full psn intergration with a social touch is pretty much what will keep the vita different and fresh, now Sony get me netflix on this thing and I wont ask for more.

What Nintendo should do, is simply phase out the current bash of 3DS and introduce a newer model with all these new features. I would personally take a hit and give away this peripheral for free, you know just like those old nes games. Let it circulate for a bit and they should be good to go.

Idk I guess thats just me, though regardless how you put it, they would still seem desperate and unsecured.

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