Grand Theft Auto IV goes to Vice City in mod

Gtagaming: Love the fancy graphics of Grand Theft Auto IV but hate the dearth of neon colors and cheap, plentiful cocaine? Keep an eye on Team RAGE's "Vice City Rage" mod -- which brings the Miami flavor to GTA IV -- due this Christmas. Happy birthday, Jesus. We got you a rocket launcher.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2595d ago

The game looks much prettier.

Blaze9292595d ago

Reminds me how great GTA3-San Andreas were. Man I hope Rockstar releases a remasterd GTA trilogy pack

kma2k2595d ago

i guess ive been spoiled with current gen i thought it looked just like it did on ps2 pretty much.

El_Colombiano2595d ago

These guys can't do much about the artwork and textures. Only the resolution, and reuse lighting from the Rage engine.

jbiz3302595d ago

They need to do the "Halo Anniversary" treatment to this and San Andreas.. I dont understand why they dont. It would literally print monies..

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