Rock Band DLC priced, detailed! Metallica Song Pack Listed

Bundle options and release schedule explained for the upcoming download-driven rhythm game from MTV and Harmonix. Since Rock Band was first announced by Harmonix and MTV Games in March, the developers have made no secret of their ambitious plans for downloadable content. As the game's release has drawn closer, information about those plans has trickled out. At the E3 Media and Business Summit, Harmonix said it would be offering full downloadable albums from artists like The Who, with more tracks from Metallica, The Grateful Dead, and The Ramones among those that gamers could add on to the retail game.

Rock Band will still feature pre-selected three-song packs for download, but they will instead cost $5.49 (440 Microsoft points on Xbox 360). Songs will also be available individually for $1.99. Harmonix has said future songs will be sold individually for as little as $.99 (80 Microsoft points), and as much as $2.99 (240 points). However, "the vast majority" will come in at the standard $1.99 price point. The developer did not say how much full-album downloads would be, or when the first albums would be released

Week of November 20, 2007: (*--asterisk denotes a cover version)
Metallica Pack
"Ride the Lightning"--Metallica
"And Justice for All"--Metallica

The Police Pack
"Can't Stand Losing You"--The Police
"Synchronicity II"--The Police
"Roxanne"--The Police

Queens of the Stone Age Pack
"3's and 7's"--Queens of the Stone Age
"Little Sister"--Queens of the Stone Age
"Sick Sick Sick"--Queens of the Stone Age

Individual Tracks
"Fortunate Son" as made famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival *
"Juke Box Hero" as made famous by Foreigner *
"Bang a Gong (Get It On)" as made famous by T-Rex *
"My Sharona" as made famous by The Knack *
"Cherry Bomb" as made famous by The Runaways *
"Joker & The Thief"--Wolfmother

Week of November 27, 2007
David Bowie Pack
"Moonage Daydream"--David Bowie
"Heroes" as made famous by David Bowie *
"Queen Bitch" as made famous by David Bowie *

Week of December 4, 2007
Black Sabbath Pack
"N.I.B." as made famous by Black Sabbath *
"Sweet Leaf" as made famous by Black Sabbath *
"War Pigs" as made famous by Black Sabbath *

Week of December 11, 2007
Punk Pack:
"Rockaway Beach"--Ramones
"I Fought the Law"--The Clash
"Ever Fallen In Love" as made famous by Buzzcocks *

Week of December 18, 2007
Individual Tracks
"My Iron Lung"--Radiohead
"Buddy Holly"--Weezer
"Brass in Pocket" as made famous by Pretenders

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ngg123454923d ago

This is still more expensive in virtually every way to itunes, and even its competitors singstore? Can anyone not rip people off with this garbage? If I want to play a game give me the decency of having it cost a decent price. Instead of 30 songs = 60 $'s. Thanks ea.

sa_nick4923d ago (Edited 4923d ago )

What? It's almost a dollar cheaper than the GH3 packs, PLUS u can by songs individually if u dont like all the songs in the pack.

And of course its gonna be more expensive that itunes, ppl at harmonix have to had either assemble the original recordings or spend time making a kick ass cover + making note charts for guitar, bass, drums and vocals on four different levels + do character animtion events, venue and lighting event, record crowd singing and whatever the hell else they have to do.

Wadda they do on itunes? upload a song to the store and put up the pic of the album...

Silvanos4923d ago

What Nick said.

Just keep the songs coming.

Syko4922d ago

Yeah. preach on Nick. Guitar Hero 3 fanboys am cry. \m/

Nuclearwinter4922d ago

This isnt so you can listen to the songs on your MP3 player, this is in no way like just buying an MP3, they have to lay out all the notes for each instrument. If you want to talk about a ripoff look at GH3.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 4922d ago
I Call 9MM4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

The pricing isn't all that bad when you consider all the extra work that is involved besides just the music. They have to code all the note tracks for all the instruments, that's a fair bit of work. Plus, they have to come up with what those tracks look like too. So, it is reasonable that they will cost more then something off of iTunes or what have you.

That being said, I will not be buying anymore MS points until Microsoft fixes it's pricing for Canada. There is no way I'm paying more then Americans do when our dollar is worth more. Should be less.

And I have to agree with Guitar Heroes packs being too expensive, especially those for GH2. 500 MS points for a bunch of covers from the first game, for shame. There where only 2 instruments to code in, and one was already done. Tsk tsk. Adopt the rock band pricing scheme and we will talk.

Adamalicious4922d ago

The Canadian dollar is worth about .966 USD right now - which is certainly not more, but is very close to equivalent. I agree that Canadians shouldn't get the shaft on this sort of thing. It's too bad the others don't take Sony's lead and let people buy things with actual currencies as opposed to points.

Adamalicious4922d ago

This is looking great! Keep 'em coming Harmonix!

Syko4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

"Ride the Lightning"--Metallica
"Blackened"--Metall ica
"And Justice for All"--Metallica

When I saw that this morning I almost spit my coffee out. Mother F'ing ride the lightning and Blackened in the same pack. WOW!

Plus we still got to look forward to, The Who's album, Nirvana - Nevermind, And 18 Grateful Dead tracks. Best party game of all time.

sleepbox4922d ago

on this topic, take a look @ amazon's current price for rock band special ed for 360...and the price for PS3...then go to ebay and take a look at how rock band is now selling for more than a frikkin nintendo wii.