Will Ninja Theory Finally Break Through With DMC?

They've come close with Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West; might Ninja Theory finally deliver an elite 9+ game?

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2601d ago

I sure hope so, this Dev is actually very good. I loved Heavenly Sword and Especially Loved Enslaved! the game was just... too...... awesome.

I have faith in them to pull out a good game. I've always been a fan of Devil May Cry and i think it's in good hands.

Peaceful_Jelly2601d ago

both games have bad frame-rate, serious problems with screen tear and button masher battle system. Good hands? I don't think so...

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2601d ago

It's all a matter of opinions, i know it will differ from person to person. The games do have good ratings though on MetaCritic.

J86blum2601d ago

Good hands o.O Ninja Theory, they don't even know how to work a camera its like a ADHD kid on a sugar high wanting to view everything BUT me.

Ninja Theory.. so much can be said "all of it true." they are the Uwe Boll of the gaming world.

Aloren2601d ago

They sure know how to make better games than DMC4 though :D

Jappy-k72600d ago

the only people that will think this is good are people that don't know anything about DMC...

"I've always been a fan of Devil May Cry"


Pintheshadows2600d ago

That statement should read "I've always been a fan of Devil May Cry, but this makes me want to stab myself".

GSpartan7772601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

We'll have to wait and see till a demo or proper gameplay demonstrations comes out. Ever since Capcom changed its mind about how the game will the orgin of the original DMCs to it now having absolutely nothing to do with previous DMC, the game just seems like a big whatever now. Just an action adventure game borrowing things from the original series.

As a DMC fan, I think that what they have shown so far has not been very convincing. Sure they showed a flashy trailer with lot's of areal combat similar to how Nero players, but it's actual gameplay that I have to see, since trailers can easily be manipulated to make the game look like something it's not. They however are somewhat doing a good job building up this new Dante's character, but the games' selling point will be the combat, which they aren't directly showing us yet.

J86blum2601d ago

...Nope. and "IF" they did it be sad considering its not even under their own merit Capcom has said they helped alot so lol its a loose loose.

plus im one of those fanboys who will not buy so if all the copies were blown up I would also be fine with that.

Malice-Flare2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

especially after all the mixed messages its founder has been spewing in PR. but, i'm ready to be surprised/disappointed/wrong.. .

nolifeking2601d ago

Messing with an established franchise will always garner some attention, good or bad. I know one thing true fans and apologist can agree on , it's that Ninja Theory won't soon be forgotten. If Capcom REALLY wanted to give Dante a new twist and dev, Team Ninja would have been the best choice for a multi-plat release, Santa Monica obviously for ps3 exclusivity, and a loss when it come to a competent dev on 360.

Zechs342600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Team Ninja for multiplat? I respectfully disagree.

Platinum Games should handle this reboot with ease.

nolifeking2600d ago

Would that realistically happen though? What you want and what would really happen are two different things. I doubt Kamiya left Capcom so he could still work with them.

Zechs342600d ago

Well he actually said if Capcom asked him, he would do it... Capcom is probably too proud though... for no reason too!

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