GamePro: Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Review

The fourth installment in NIS's strategy-RPG series brings some much-needed tweaks and improvements to the familiar grid-based formula.

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LiViNgLeGaCY2691d ago

Want this game. I've always loved the Disgaea series.

icewater852691d ago

this game is fun and very funny.

Canary2691d ago

My only gripe is that, like Disgaea 3, the story feels secondary to the gags. I swear, if I hear one more Sardine joke....

Tiny gripes aside, it's easily the best JRPG on the Playstation 3, unless you count Valkyria (which isn't ~really~ an RPG because the player takes on a role "outside" the game's cast).

I do wonder about the sprites. There are the default sprites which are beautifully illustrated for higher resolution displays... but then they ALSO included "old-style" sprites. The same ultra-low-res sprites used in the PS2 games (and D3). Gotta wonder why they felt the need to include that--seems like a lot of extra effort to cater to PS3 owners with SDTV.

Deadman_Senji2689d ago

Nah, it's just for people who want to have that "nostalgic" feel.

I prefer the electric feel, myself but that's another story.