4 Things that went Horribly Wrong with Dead Island's Release

The release of Techland’s Dead Island was a highly anticipated one. It was pitched as an epic open-world zombie infested island resort, where players could freely explore the island, find weapons, complete missions, and of course kill some zombies. It did somewhat deliver on that statement, but it did come with more than a fair share of problems.

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jony_dols2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

The author also forgot to mention that Dead Island is in direct competition with a far superior FPS RPG; Deus Ex HR.

Dead Island is a slightly above-average game from a mediocore developer, that only received atention because of a CG trailer that wasn't even created by Techland....(it was actually outsourced to a digital media company named Deep Silver in Scotland).

Techland's track record speaks for itself. Quite poorly.

Twizlex2688d ago

Wow. First of all, Deep Silver published the game, so they are associated with more than just creating a trailer.

Second, Dead Island is awesome. It's not as good as Deus Ex, I'll give you that, but I can't play Deus Ex with 3 of my friends.

Third, there are many critically acclaimed games that were terribly buggy when they first released. The fact that a "terrible" company like Techland could make a game that isn't utter crap is actually an accomplishment.

antz11042688d ago

LMAO, guys are funny. Like clowns making themselves look stupid funny. Oh, good joke jony...

bozebo2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I just HATE CG trailers in general because they cause hype when they say or show nothing about the actual games.

Games are about content, story, gameplay and general "feel" - a CG trailershows almost nothing which matters to a game and is just pure marketing with no meat.

Dead Island is a great concept but it got boring really fast, it lacks a 'soul' if you know what I mean - when compared to genuinely good games like Dead Rising, Halo, Timesplitters, MGS etc. I know Halo games have had CG trailers but that was after they had already proven their brilliance, not simply to garner some hype and pick up sales from the uninformed people who seem to have flooded this generation of gaming.

Jack_DangerousIy2688d ago

So I'm assuming you've already played through Dead Island already?

If so, then obviously their "track record" didn't speak clearly enough because you bought it. And if you HAVEN'T played it, why in the hell are you here talking smack as if you have?

Now I'm not standing up for this game specifically(as I haven't played it yet, like you ;) but I'm really just agitated by people who don't actually play games but pretend like they have....

So.... No matter what, using your own words, I've proven you either a liar or... well a liar.

wallis2688d ago

Why are people talking about a game that holds 81% on metacritic like it's a failed spectacle of a game?

It's a diamond in the rough but it's still a diamond. I don't think people should be talking about what "went wrong" with a game that's got 81% on metacritic. If it had 6/10's I'd understand but it's not. Every review I've read is between 7 and 9 out of 10 and I've seen ONE review drop below six and it was clearly by someone who just didn't get on with the game.

It's a good game and I enjoy smashing a zombie's face in with a boat paddle.

Cpt_kitten2688d ago

they complain about bugs, weak story and repetitiveness but yet i doubt they would dare say the same thing about call of duty which on top of those is the same outdated game year after year

troll article nothing more

Sillyace922688d ago

Yes because so many people are acclaiming CoD for it's diversity /sarcasm

TheBossMan2688d ago

Alright, I'll readily admit that the only two COD games I've played are 4 and 6 (MW and MW2), but they were both GREAT games. 4 had a fantastic campaign and some of the best online gunplay EVER. Matter of fact, it wasn't until the damn UFO glitch that I ever had a bad moment playing that game. With MW2, I never got into the campaign, but the online was far superior to MW and until hackers ruined the game, it was the most fun I've ever had online. Period. Nothing could compete at the time in my eyes. It was responsive, polished fun. Also, if you really took the time to learn the maps and weapons, it had plenty to offer to the hardcore crowd. I was routinely able to achieve KD's over 5:1 and the inexperienced players, while still able to have a good time, were put in their place and forced to either adapt and grow or continue to get punished. I loved both MW and MW2, and fully understand why they both achieved 94 scores on Metacritic. Thumbs-down my comment if you wish, but I have my opinion and nobody can change it.

BattleTorn2688d ago


People knock on CoD all the time, get used to it.

Its not a prompt to turn every article into a huge Call of Duty argument.

Jack_DangerousIy2688d ago

Troll comment.. nothing more.

Has nothing to do with CoD.


Cpt_kitten2688d ago

codfanboy clearly i was not bashing this game what so ever just stating a fact

but sadly you codfanboys don't know the difference between fact and yourselves which would be trolls

rjdofu2688d ago

@Cpt_kitten: and you're a hater buddy. Haters and fanboys are the same: stupid and annoying.

dark-hollow2688d ago

Wow bringing cod to an article about dead island??

Cod haters went to a whole new level of bitterness!!

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Xenial2688d ago

All bugs aside. Without them would this game be far better? Nearly every review i read they complain about the games bugs.

HenryFord2688d ago

It would def. be better - at least you can go ahead and complete quests. I like it, I have a blast playing it, but those moments where you stand in front of a house which you barely reached because of the two Thugs appearing right before it and now you need to get into the house to finish your quest, but there is no way whatsoever to get in, are so damn furstrating that I ragequit every time.

HappyWithOneBubble2688d ago

The game was just rushed that's all. Would of been best for an October release.

BattleTorn2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Wasn't this game in developement for quite a while already? (I can't even remember how long ago I saw the first screenshots of the island, 2-year ago?)

What could they (any dev for that matter) do with 4-weeks?

[edit: apparently it was in development for over 5-years]

HenryFord2688d ago

Nah - it was announced 5 years ago, but that doesn't put it "in developement", because they game was "on hold" a long time, so there was no progression whatsoever to it. 4 weeks could have been enough to realize that they should put out the right version for the PC Crowd...

antz11042688d ago

This game was in no way rushed. It has some glitches, as most do. If it was released in October it would be competing with Batman: AC. September was perfect b/c it was the big game everyone was waiting for.

BattleTorn2688d ago

I love this game.... I can't say enough good things about it. It seems some people are determined to deter people from enjoying it.

Co-op is so much fun!!

TheRichterBelmont2688d ago

Well said. Just started playing it tonight myself. Definitely enjoying it, especially Co-op with my brother and my bud. :)

Septic2687d ago

Quick question- how does co-op work in this game?

I've seen the third person animations for the game and they really are a bit silly. Doesn't it look odd in co-op?

TheRichterBelmont2687d ago

That's the last thing that should really matter, the other characters looking silly in co-op.

It's seamless co-op though. Drop-in and out, adds to your quests and just tons of fun.

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