is Sony moving away from the old XMB UI?

looks like Sony is moving away from the XMB UI in it's newer products, noticeably missing from the PlayStation Vita & Sony's New STR-DA5700ES and STR-DA3700ES AV Receivers that ships in November with the "activity based UI" that's said to be easier to use than the XMB (XrossMediaBar), could we be seeing the new activity based UI in a future FW update for the PS3?

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KingSlayer4560d ago (Edited 4560d ago )

Very nice interface, but the XMB is pretty damned fast/easy to navigate. I wouldn't be shocked if they updated the PS3 to the new UI.

EDIT: @xX-StolenSoul-Xx
I do. It's still fast.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx4560d ago

fast? i think you may be a little wrong their. Try opening the Xmb While ingame or messaging a friend while ingame, it could take painfully long.

JoGam4560d ago

He never spoke about ingame. But normally the XMB is fast as hell.

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RememberThe3574560d ago (Edited 4560d ago )

"so you judge the speed of xmb when your idle with no game running? how convenient."

Ummm yeah. We're talking about easy of use. The delay during gameplay is a memory issue not an interface issue. The XMB is simple and easy to use and fast.

IMO That UI just seems flat and lame. The XMB concept is the best we've seen, at this point it just needs a face lift.

xAlmostPro4560d ago

The XMB is only really slow while in game if the game uses resources poorly :)

Disccordia4560d ago

Its nothing to do with the game it's the ps3 split memory.

A new interface is a must IMO. The current one was never designed to have trophies hence the reason why you have to sync them. And it was never designed to run in game.

I expect an update to concede with vita

JBaby3434560d ago

They can update the XMB but I hope they don't do away with it. It's very simple and easy to use. Any in-game delay is not a fault of the XMB itself. As an interface it is very user-friendly. They just need to tweak it a little for faster in game loading.

GrieverSoul4560d ago (Edited 4560d ago )

Try sending a message via ingame menu on the Xbox360. Its still a pain. Its not as slow as the Ps3 but its still noticeable how slow its gets while ingame.

People here that dont own the two consoles are full of $&#%! They spit the bad things they read about and make them 10 times worse than they actually are.

Corax4560d ago (Edited 4560d ago )

@Disccordia actually the XMB was designed to run in game if i can find the vid its with a big muscular guy moving a box if your talking about the trophies being in game they dont show up unless you compare them with another friend

Best thing i love about the XMB is that it's not filled with ads everywhere unless i make it my theme

Dark_king4559d ago

@Corax nope the XMB was not intended to run in game.We did not have access to the XMB in game at first.

ziggurcat4559d ago

@ disccordia:

actually, it has everything to do with the game.

a slow in-game XMB means that the devs did a poor job at optimizing their game.

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dark-hollow4560d ago

Xmb is not bad, but it's old right now and I think we need a new fresh UI with the ps4.

Thatguy-3104560d ago

Hopefully they do change it....to me it feels quite outdated...and when I mean change I'm not talking about adding new icons -_-

itsralf4559d ago

I agree. I was already tired of the XMB before I even got my first PS3 when they released the 40gb model. I had 2 PSP's before I got my PS3. Sooo, nothing new in quite a while.

sikbeta4560d ago

Read it on GAF, don't like it, lame icons, they don't need to scrap XMB, just make it better with more customization and it'll perfect...

Gray-Fox-Type04560d ago

pretty nice PS3 XMB needs a update really badly.

theonlylolking4560d ago

You dumb peeps. The XMB is fast EXCEPT in-game.

shanghaikid4559d ago

That's not a nice interface imo...

FACTUAL evidence4559d ago

If this did become the new UI, hopefully the ps3 will be able to use X game chat from it, being as it can't do it with the xmb.

The Great Melon4559d ago (Edited 4559d ago )

While it may not be slow, it becomes cumbersome to use with a lot of files. Then again I may be jaded after using a pc a lot and just search to find everything.

Read?!? pshh I use find/grep.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx4560d ago

I really want a overhall but i also don't want all the Current themes to not work on the new Ui. Especially the themes that people been hard at work on @ http://www.ps3-themes.com/
so many themes their and it would be sad to see them die.

jerethdagryphon4560d ago

the xmb and the duel shock controller are both emmy winning designs, i dont know abot changing it i love it as it is

dark-hollow4560d ago

The iPhone designs are award winning too, but people got bored from the same design, hence came the iPhone 4.

so Sony may outdone themselves and create new UI while maintaining the ease of use and responsiveness.

thespaz4560d ago

False, the iPhone has sported the same user interface since launch of the original iPhone and they haven't changed it yet.

djsandman4560d ago (Edited 4560d ago )

Emmy winning lol, even though most people including myself agree the ergonomic design of the Xbox controller is light-years better in terms of build quality, comfort and precision. My system's of choice have been PS1, PS2, and now Xbox 360. Its very difficult for me to buy a game on the PS3 over the Xbox for that reason. After getting used to the Xbox controller there is no comparison.. It's become difficult to even pick up the PS3 controller, it definitely feels like it was from the mid 90's. Which is kinda sad.. If they implemented it again, I doubt I'll bother picking up the next PS out of principle.

jerethdagryphon4559d ago

for a start it was the original one that won

heres links to the event it was the 2007

or 58th


djsandman4559d ago

I didn't deny it got an emmy. I laughed considering how bad the controller is.

suicidalblues4559d ago (Edited 4559d ago )


So you liked the ps2 controller but hate the ps3 controller? You're fanboy logic seems flawed.

STONEY44559d ago

I personally can't stand the Xbox controller. Shooting with the long triggers, the fact that almost every Xbox game has the triggers for shooting by default (I prefer L1 and R1, triggers for secondary and grenades), the big size of it (and I have big hands), and the analogue stick positions have always felt weird to me.

Neither is better. It's just a matter of preference. I also think the XMB is simpler and easier to navigate than the Dashboard. It's like the iOS interface vs the Android. It's preference.

Hatmantc4559d ago

@dj i can't stand the 360 controller.. hate the triggers they feel cheap to me, and the off set stick make my hands hurt.. but thats all personal preference