Free for All: Another attempt at free-to-play vs. freemium

Massively: The main issue I have when people ask me whether a game is free or not is that I am not sure what they like to do. Granted, I can usually be pretty safe in assuming that they like to kill monsters and hunt after killer loot, but when I stop to think about it, players really do like to participate in a variety of activities in any MMO. There's socializing, crafting, roleplaying, exploring and a host of other title-specific activities like dance contests or treasure hunting. This is why we have to take each game that claims to be free-to-play and look at its specific "main" activities. If the game allows players to participate in those game-specific mainstream activities for free, then it is a free-to-play game. Perfect World or Illyriad are free-to-play games.

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