The gaming laptop race heats up with four new models from MSI

MSI has thrown four new gaming laptops into the high-end fray, with the 17" models featuring a SteelSeries keyboard.

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ATi_Elite2598d ago


all four models are way better and cheaper than the Razer Blade!!

the razer has a dual core core i7 these are using a 4 core core i7

the razer is using a OK GT555M while these have a Powerful and very capable GT570m that will max metro2033 out

Now the Razers LED 17" screen is better than the 17" and 15" LCD screens Also the Razer has the mini macro screen which is totally cool and useful.

But the MSI 4 are way better and cheaper and a 17" screen model is now on my purchase list (once i save up the cash)