TheParanoidGamer Review: Resistance 3

TheParanoidGamer Writes: "Five years ago Sony launched the Playstation 3 along with many launch titles. Among those great titles was a first-person shooter that would later go on and become the first PS3 title to sell over 1 million copies over its lifetime. Playstation 3 owners around the world quickly became addicted to its robust online system, which they played for years end until a sequel was released.

Sadly, the sequel did not fair too well with fans of the series and the title quickly died out. Now, the third and final chapter of the Resistance trilogy has been released and we got our chance to review the game. Does Resistance 3 return back to its roots, or is resistance futile? Hit the jump to find out our verdict."

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Sevir042625d ago

Resistance 3 is really the best of the series! Love the game to death!

Criminal2625d ago

Yeah, the does look good. I enjoyed the beta.

Pintheshadows2625d ago

I just know i'll enjoy this. I only care about the campaign and it sounds exactly like what I wanted from 2. I just can't be bothered with MP due to the high volume of insufferable tossers who play online.

Sandmano2625d ago

Now this is a review!! The game deserves a 9.5. I love the prison stage of the game my personal favourite. I already replayed like 10 times!! :P

LiViNgLeGaCY2625d ago

Dude heck yes. I LOVE that part of the game also.

How about the train section where you're getting rushed by all those Widowmakers? That was so intense!

Miiikeyyy2625d ago

Dude try to refrain from putting spoilers in here >< I'm hyped up for R3 and I nearly kept reading even though it said spoiler XD

fabiani2625d ago

y cuz it has the best ghx on that levrl does compared to earlier stages.

LiViNgLeGaCY2625d ago

This game really is amazing guys. The campaign is filled with excitement and thrills. Definitely the best of the series. I already have a TON of favorite moments! =)

PirosThe4th2625d ago

My copy just arrived today... Installing the patch (It's massive) Still hasn't finished... PSN download speeds are shit... >_> gay...

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