IGN: 927 Million Kills Later: Gears of War 3 by the Numbers

IGN writes: Gears of War 3 hits store shelves in two weeks and is the highest pre-ordered Xbox 360 exclusive of all time. But if you remember the five week beta test in April and May, you might be surprised to discover exactly what kind of interesting stats emerged from the online war.

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fluffydelusions2650d ago

Crazy numbers considering it was a closed beta.

Paradicia2650d ago

The wait is killing me. Time to go into cryo until it finally comes out.

QuantumWake2650d ago

We're not THAT far away. lol. Only thirteen more days left till release. Now, if it was a month or 2 away, I would gladly join you.

GameOn2650d ago

Hmmmm. I agree, by the time they thaw him out the game may already have released.

_Aarix_2649d ago

Dont trust THOSE otters

IHateYouFanboys2650d ago

i saw a guy on here yesterday bragging that Uncharted with its open beta had over 100 years of gameplay and that it was far more than gears 3 wouldve had..............epic lols.

the beta was, pardon the pun, epic. cant wait to pick up my epic edition in 12 days!

Silly gameAr2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

OMG. IHATEYOUFANBOYS right? Those silly fanboys. Bringing up U3 in a Gears 3 topic. Wait. No fanboy did that. What's the deal here?

Oh, well. Can't wait for Gears 3. That's the games that's going to rule my 360 for a minute.

etowntwo2650d ago

Preordered today 2 copies,

One for me (36) and one for me kid (14)

Can't wait!!!

dark-hollow2650d ago

Nothing brings a father and his son together like blowing the shit out of some locusts Into a bloody mess! :P

_Aarix_2649d ago

And impaling them with a flamethrower and buring their insides out.

PHANTOIM2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

I will get my copy four days early

giovonni2650d ago

I've had this game reserved since January, my commitment is that damn deep

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