PixelPerfectGaming: Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten (Review) Playstation 3

PixelPerfectGaming writes: The long-awaited sequel in the Disgaea series has finally graced us with its presence, picking up right where the last Disgaea left off with its outrageous storyline and zany humor. This version of Disgaea starts with a handful of tutorials to help players with the overall gist of things. You will feel right at home, though, if you have ever played any of the Disgaea games on the Playstation 3 or Sony PSP.

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disturbing_flame2597d ago

Great review for maybe the best tactical JRPG since years.

Purely one of the best ever.

A great achievment and a pure gem.

majdees2597d ago

This and Resistance 3 tomorrow :D

Cablephish2596d ago

Something kinda funny.

I was playing Disgaea today, and you know how there are sooo many names for all the characters, I saw one enemy named "Codblops", and I instantly thought Call of Duty Black Ops. I'm not completely sure but I think that's some kinda reference. :P