Tales of Xillia launched in Japan

Gematsu: "Tales of Xillia, Namco Bandai’s 13th mothership entry in the Tales RPG franchise, launched in Japan today. And we’re totally jealous!"

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Misterhbk2602d ago

I want this game so Badly! And that PS3 looks amazing!

slayorofgods2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Those Japanese developers still think that all game sales in Japan come from the PS3 and all games sales out of Japan come from the 360. They also think that 360 owners interest in jrpg's reflect all of westerners interest in jrpg's. They fail to see how much money they could make on ps3 jrpg's outside of Japan as they don't realize that ps3 owners actually like those games. It's a disconnect they have.

Game4life2602d ago

At least we have Grace coming. Hopefully after Grace we will get Xillia

tarbis2602d ago

The PS3 looks beautiful. I want those keychains, so cute.

tiffac0082602d ago

I wonder why we don't get any of those PS3 bundles outside of Japan. :/