Four New Beast Mode Videos and Quick Impressions

Danny Zeitz: "Beast Mode’s claim to fame is its variety. You can play as almost any enemy in the Gears of War universe, and they all feel pretty unique. I was able to play about half the characters and watch others play the rest. The only criticism I have about the new mode is that the pricing seems to be wrong for a few characters. For example, most the melee or short-ranged characters seemed overpriced for how ineffective they were. Characters with healing (like the Kantus and Savage Corpser) seemed overpowered for the price they were currently set at.

The Savage Grenadier on the other hand, who only has a shotgun and grenades, didn’t seem worth the price at all since almost all the battles took place from a long range. Judging from what I saw, about 1/3 the characters weren’t worth buying due to them being overpriced or another, way more useful character being priced too low. I only got to play a few games, so I’m hoping that my initial impressions are wrong, and all the char...

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aviator1892601d ago

Looks crazy awesome.
Well, now I'm glad ms delayed the game to september. Beast mode happened. :)

Neoninja2601d ago

Man I just can't wait for this game! I enjoyed the previous two and the books/comics are well written and give good back story leading up to Gears 3.

I don't know if I'm gonna play horde first or beast first.

CommanderWTF2601d ago

Beast mode looks 10 times better than I expected and I expected it to be good. Damn this looks fun.

SwiftShot2600d ago

Boomer run WA HAHAHAHA