Activision Wins Case Against Modern Warfare 3 Fake Site

We all laughed a few months ago when it was discovered that the domain redirected to EA’s Battlefield 3 homepage. Activision didn’t find it very funny, however, and filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum over the site, which recently ruled in the publisher’s favor.

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GrumpyVeteran2650d ago

Activision got butt hurt LOL

PCE2650d ago

Activision didn't get butt hurt. They just wanted some cash at any given opportunity so they took advantage of this.

Jobesy2650d ago

It's called running a business. They are a corporation and can't let people get away with things like this. Imagine logging into and getting redirected to I'm pretty sure Walmart wouldn't just say haha and move on.

blumatt2650d ago

I don't think they should have won. I mean, it's their own fault for not securing that internet address first. You snooze you lose, the way I see it. Activision is just a greedy business.

JokesOnYou2650d ago

Wow, pretty immature responses. You guys can't see past your own bias and just call a spade a spade. It has nothing to do with being "butt hurt", or whether a company secured a website or not, its just common sense if somebody is using YOUR copyrighted name to advertise another product you take legal action....I bet none of the fanboys who hate on Activision for asserting their rights would say the same IF their favorite company or their own company was misused in the same way.

Trophywhore2650d ago

Site was clearly in the wrong. Slander and fraud are both illegal.

dark-hollow2650d ago

Bu bu but bashing activision is more fun than stating facts!!!

gamingdroid2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Well said, but as it turns out on, the hate for CoD will ignore that fact. Doesn't matter, though Activision got justice.

At least the original domain holder didn't get sued for damages for his little "redirecting to competing site" joke. It could have landed him a serious debt he will never be able to pay back!

SephirothX212650d ago

It was his site, he should have a right to do what he wants with it. Anyway, this doesn't change the fact that CoD is screwed because the main talent behind it are now at Respawn. It can only go downhill imo.

RioKing2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Trophywhore, do you know what slander even means? Redirecting to another website is not even close to slander, unless openly stated MW3 is crap or something of that nature.

Being a criminal justice major, I should know ;)

Trophywhore2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Slander-a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report.

The website was using a trademarked name to bash MW3 and say how inferior it is to battlefield. If you went to the website, a video would play about a guy making fun of another guy for choosing MW over Battlefield. Not only are they committing a crime of slander, but they are also using a name they dont have a right to, which is fraud. Activision owns the rights to Modern Warfare so only they can make websites with that name.

Now assuming you were one of the disagrees to my perfectly factual statement, id recommend you make another account and give me the agree that I deserve.

RioKing2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

^Well, I was under the impression that all that happened when you went to was a simple redirection to BF3's website. If there was a video bashing modern warefare (which I never heard of this before, but aren't denying), yes it's definitely slander.

Edit: Too lazy to make another account, so I agreed to your response ;)

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shooter7472650d ago

This BF douche bag should have been convicted of wrong doing and penalized. The judge should set an example to those morons who spread personal hate against something for whatever reason.

Hufandpuf2650d ago

Free country, if I hated George bush and wanted to make a website called George bush sucks, I could. Don't penalize me for my personal opinions. Freedom of Speech.

rdgneoz32650d ago

How can you convict him when he purchased the site 2 years ago, when there was no trademark. Activision should have tried to buy the site from him. There are far worse sites on the web than one that was used as part of a children's fight, basically. And there is a thing such as freedom of speech, else a certain southern baptist church would have been tried and executed by now.

RioKing2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Shooter747, how the hell is redirecting to another games' website considered "spreading hate"? Or even "personal hate" at that.?

"Convicted of wrong-doing". You sound like a first-grade teacher. What exactly is the wrong doing?...using a website you legally paid for (before the copyright to the name even existed) to redirect people to another games' site.

If the owner of the site is a "BF douche bag", then you're an IGNORANT COD Fanboy.

Mgs4isOverrated2650d ago

Oh come on everybody!

You know this was a cheap shot by EA in order to help promote BF3. You think I was happy when I typed the mw3 url and went to some game's website, which i wasnt even interested in.

Mario4life2650d ago

ea had nothing to do with it, it was some random guy who did that

Mgs4isOverrated2650d ago

Yeah, some random guy paid off by none other than EA's Chief executive John Riccitiello..

Mario4life2650d ago

Do you have prove that he was paid off?

RioKing2650d ago

Let the COD fanboys cry, Mario, let them cry -_-

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