IGN - What the Heck is Nintendo Thinking?

IGN - A second circle pad might seem crazy, but it's actually a good thing - and critical to the system's future.

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xJumpManx2595d ago

Was needed from launch. Second dumbest controller option since the renobs at Sony released the ps3 without rumble.

-Alpha2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I don't think that was Sony's choice, they were in a legal situation were they not?

Their PR spin that "rumble is last gen" was dumb, but what'd you expect Sony to say? Their hands were tied down

The second analog stick is important if 3DS aims to emulate the Gamecube and not the N64. I don't mind games that don't use a second analog stick. In fact, I think that was the greatest thing about the DS and I hope to see more games on the 3DS and even the PSV that retain that simplicity from older consoles like the SNES.

But this should have been included day one. Now if devs want to make games that require a second analog stick (because the tech is there) they have to use the motion or touch screen. The lack of this option was incredibly shortsighted

thehitman2595d ago

No it was Sony choice to not include rumble. They choose the sixaxis over the rumble and at the time the motion sensing technology interfered with the sixaxis also the cost of them both in the controller was too high. Later better vibration technology was developed that allowed them to incorporate both.

-Alpha2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Wasn't "the Motion interferes with the rumble" a PR lie?

scofios2595d ago

Alpha is right the lack of rumble on ps3 is due to legal battle with Immersion , who holds the patent on rumble . Sony had to pay nearly $90 million in damages while Nintendo and Microsoft bowed to paying royalty fees. As a result, Sony decided to just remove the rumble feature altogether .

thehitman2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

You guys have it backwards. It was really a problem in the beginning but later the technology was there because Immersion developed better rumble. The battle between Sony/Immersion was a result of Sony not putting rumble into the ps3 controllers. Sony still denied that they wanted to add rumble due to the costs and they tried to knock rumble as last gen. Immersion wanted Sony to use rumble hence the development of the new technology and they tried and succeeded on getting Sony to reput rumble inside their controllers which stopped the legal battles.

b-real2595d ago


Having motion and rumble was available day one for the wii remote.

The tech was there.

TheMyst2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Sony chose to fight it out in court instead of settling like MS did which is why we didn't have rumble. Seriously, that's one of the things that kinda pissed me off at first but eh, what was I to do. Ps3 games were still great.

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Peaceful_Jelly2595d ago

Rumble is useless, I always have it turned off to save up battery anyway. =/

Blaine2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Same here. I feel it adds nothing to the game, and I can't even stand the sound of it. For me, saving battery is just a positive side effect!

I don't mind the little bit of extra weight though.

TheMyst2595d ago

I don't know man, personally I think rumble adds a lot to the game. Makes you feel like you're more immersed esp. in shooters.

PCE2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

That is a good question. Nintendo is having a identity crisis. They cannot seem to make up their mind on their decisions for the 3DS. They wanted 1 circle pad, now 2 and they're growing a tumor to add one? I am waiting for another attachment that adds Wii-U horsepower making the system thrice the thickness. Nintendo is...SMH

Blaze9292595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I say they need to scrap the 3DS, admit failure, and start again with a new name - maybe even bring back the Gameboy name - how awesome would that be?

The problem with the 3DS from the start comes from Nintendo's own mistakes of releasing SO many different DS models. People still think the 3DS is just a DS with 3D and not an actual new continuation of the DS line.

Then a $70 price drop less than 6 months after its release? Releasing at $250 to begin with?

Then that and the 3D danger warning - nothing good could've come from the 3DS from the start. This add-on is a joke and if they really release this smh.

Scrap it, build a new handheld to take on the Vita, and let's go.

PCE2595d ago

I'd say the 3DS has a lot of potential the way it is. It's sad Nintendo is not accepting that and has to screw it up with this addon. Nintendo is pulling a SEGA Genesis with this one. A lot of 3DS fans loving the machine like myself are angry with this idea. If it comes to a moment that I am either required to buy this atrocious excuse for an accessory to continue playing future games or buy a revised model with one built in, I will refuse to buy the successor to the 3DS and just use my 3DS as a door stopper.

TheMyst2595d ago

I'm honestly surprised Nintendo is struggling so much. It's seems the stage is set for SONY to swoop in. Seriously, if SONY doesn't take full advantage of the situation, they'll be loosing big time. This might be the first gen Nintendo actually looses a handheld "war." Especially with COD coming to Vita with full online capabilities (or so I've heard).

WooHooAlex2595d ago

I appreciate that some people are trying to put a good spin on this, but its a pretty lame effort.
If Nintendo had their heads on straight, they wouldn't have relied on the 3D gimmick to sell the system (and not the games), they wouldn't have overpriced it and they would have included a second circle pad at launch.

Nothing has worked out well for Nintendo since the 3DS launched. I hope they can pick up some momentum but I don't see it happening this year.

rezzah2595d ago

This is the first time Nintendo has suffered by their handheld gaming device. Which personally I find surprising because i know most of us grew up with the gameboy handhelds (which were all amazing). Though I won't speak for the DS series, since I never actually owned one.

RyuCloudStrife2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

This should have been there from launch idk whats wrong with Nintendo I'm not buying a Nintendo console ever till they get their sh!t straight, I didn't buy they Wii and I'm not getting the WiiU.

Nintendo is just successful because of all the casuals that buy their system.

Deadpool6162595d ago

They made the same mistake twice. The first mistake was the Wii motion plus and now this analog stick add-on? They should've had both from the beginning.

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